The vision of Cathy Meijer reaches far and her leadership will give you insight into your own possibilities.
It broadens your outlook on the world and on yourself, so you will be built up and deeply encouraged.

Jaap Harteveld
Owner Take Care Administration

Cathy Meijer is a real life coacher, because she is a great psychologist!
She has knowledge, talent and skills to help others, no matter if they are believers or not!

Professor Mirela Vlastelica, Ph.D. MD.

Cathy Meijer's dedication exceeds expectations if you want a guest lecturer or someone to share Biblical perspective, understanding, and the wisdom that comes with the maturity of one who has walked closely with her Lord for years.

Rodd Mann
​ Investor & Management Consultant 

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Failures Are The Stepping Stones To Success - Dr. Cathy Meijer

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