Your Spectators Will Be In Awe!

When we are climbing the Mountaintop, on our way to reach the goals, which the Lord has put in our heart; we need to realize that the Lord allows tests to make us stronger in Him! We become weaker (looking at the situation with human eyes) but in the Spiritual realm, things work the other way around. Leaning on Him will make you stronger. Many of us will meet people who seem to hate us, and who try their very best to jeopardize, what Father is calling us to do!

But in fact, they are your steppingstones to reach the top of that mountain, to reach the goal!

The statement above is also true, for those who are called by G-d into business. Although working in the world, I strongly advise you, to keep trusting Him and follow His lead, and do not lean on own understanding.

And Hashem hardened the lev Pharaoh, and he paid heed not unto them; as Hashem had spoken unto Moshe.

Remember it was G-d who hardened Pharaoh's heart, while He asked Moses to pay a visit to him, to tell him, to let G-d's people go!

Stay calm, be friendly and gentle, pray for them, and sometimes the best answer is to say nothing. When your time comes, your testimony will show your spectators how they fought against G-d! And you have become a person only leaning on the Beloved, and trustworthy for the task ahead! Keep the faith look up and see The One Who is in control.

He is glorifying HIS Name through your situation! Selah!

Exodus 9

12 And Hashem hardened the lev Pharaoh, and he paid heed not unto them; as Hashem had spoken unto Moshe.

12 But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he would not listen to them, just as the LORD had told Moses.

Hi, I received some comments why I write G-d instead of God. and want to explain exactly why we do this. If you read my messages, you obvious notice I use the OJB (Jewish Bible) As I also coach through the light of Torah. My Business Name Mamme D’Vorah must ring a bell about my roots too 😊

According to Jewish law and tradition, the various names for our Creator are all considered holy and must be treated with the utmost respect. If there is a paper with the name written out in full, then it cannot be thrown away, but actually we take all such papers and bury them properly in the ground and keep them separate from other things (see Proper Disposal of Holy Objects). Clearly many readers print out our material. We cannot have a situation where they read the article and then throw it in the garbage with the word with the “o” as that is disrespecting His holy name. It is therefore traditional to insert the dash so that there is no issue. Hope this explanation suffices for you.

I used the explanation from Sara Esther Crispe ( as it explains everything what needs to be said