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They may mock you, falsely accuse you, make your life miserable, but if you are a servant of G-d, you must never forget what Abba once told me.

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"I will make you an iron lady, I will make your forehead like a diamond, harder than flint. Do not be afraid of them or discouraged by their presence, even though they are a rebellious house." I will also give you the faith of a child! Such faith means trust like a child who knows that Daddy will not go away!

If they give you a bad time, you will know that they are fighting against ME. For I serve through you. And they may worship you and thank you for what you have just given them, but you will know that their worship and thanks belong to ME, for I am teaching through you! Kingdom leaders are appointed by Me and well prepared, sent, as a tool in MY mighty hands."

You see, it is all about HIM! May He bless you!

Matthew 10:40 Ezekiel 3: 9

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