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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Now is the time for new things and open doors!

But make sure it is the Lord who leads and you follow!

If the Ruach HaKodesh has boundless space and you remain in Him, He will accomplish in an instant what you have not been able to do in all those years of trying!

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Some advice for those who want to launch new tools and products,

Do not overload people's inbox with your ideas while there is nothing to show.

I saw more than once that the GOAL was good, but what happened next was as a bucket filled with cold water ( empty words and nothing to show)

and thereby slowly but surely eventually extinguishing the target instead of giving birth.

People aren't interested in what it takes to launch the product, they want to see the results!

Be reliable!

Telling others that you can help them with a product to gain followers while you have 15 followers yourself does not work. Do you catch my drift?

Walk the talk means to do what the Lord taught you in your quiet time with Him.

The Lord KNOWS the way, the RuachHakodesh SHOWS the way and You may WALK the way!

His ways are pure and holy and if we bow down and surrender all, ( our plans our own fleshly ways of thinking) HIS victories will become your victories as long as you HONOR His name and His Law of love!

Shavua Tov! Blessed week!

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