Wells Are Often Stopped-Up by our “Enemies”

Wells Are Often Stopped-Up by our “Enemies”

Posted on 27 February 2013

The Lord tells us:

“People of God, it is time to stand up now! You are feeding each other while I tell you


Go out with each other and feed MY FLOCK the lost souls… Do they see you, do they hear you… do they see ME! Where is MY ARMY!”

The Father told me, Cathy, ponder on this study: Genesis 26:12-33

Often our wells are stopped-up by our enemies, but don’t give up, keep digging anyway no matter how many times you have to do it, 70 times 7.

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This is what He gave me:

Word of the Lord

“Now is the time to give My Word to the lost who have never heard the message, I Am The Message and you are the messenger. You have grown spiritually fat from the good of the Word. Now you must exercise and give the Word you have stored up! You are like Joseph, you can see the fatted cows and the famine cows, now is the time of plenty, soon there will be a time of famine, so go and give the Word, the message of My Love to the spiritually deprived and hungry souls on the brink of death.”

I encourage you to take time to study Genesis 26

In the study, we see that if someone reaches the Well of Living Water, they are standing with Yeshua.

The well is standing up with Yeshua.

If you are standing by the Well ready to receive in order to give, you will discover there will be some ugly things like quarrelling, anger, jealousy and resentment from others.

As you read Genesis 26, as soon as the Lord finds someone who has been healed in his/her spirit, soul, mind, and body and who has died to their own flesh by dying of one’s self, then the Lord is ready to use you to minister to others. The same moment the Lord commissions you, the enemy is ready to use those to make you feel inadequate; you are not yet ready, you need more study, you are still wounded and need more time to heal, and/or further improvements before you can be ready to minister according to their beliefs.

Despite what others are saying to you, don’t let their lack of belief or faith in you deter you from where I am is calling you. You already have all you need and that is HIM, Your Father! Stand up and come out of your boat and leave your comfort zone.

When Yochanan and I were in Israel, back in 2005 a dear friend, Paul Sherbow, told me it was time to get out of the boat, rise, stand up and go.

Paul gave this illustration and as he did, the Lord spoke to me and said remember this and keep it in your mind and heart.

Paul told us, sometimes I go to the beach and catch some crabs, I bring along a bucket to put them in.
There has been a moment that I saw something peculiar, in the bucket full of crabs, there was one crab on top, who could easily get out of the bucket it was just a moment away to total freedom, then the other crabs grab him by the claw and drag him to the bottom of the bucket instead of helping him out (out of the boat).

This is what is happening today to the Body of Yeshua. There is one who finds the Well of Living Water and is standing up with confidence and finds freedom, but as soon as this happens, the others come and pull the person who is standing up, back to their past.

Let us first look at the well called ESEK, meaning quarrelling.

You are standing up and enjoying that which the Lord has given you to do. Suddenly there are two types of spirits, which manifest themselves into those who come along to discourage you, and to keep you from bearing the fruit which is appearing in your life.

This first type is the spirit of jealousy and brings an environment of quarrelling.

The second type is just the opposite end of discouragement, it is one of codependency.

This spirit will tell you that you are still wounded and need more healing before the Lord can use you. In order to be a success in God’s Kingdom, one needs to be aligned with God, not man. What must we do?

The Father spoke to me and said:

“You try to defend yourself and you do not need to. You do not need to defend Me.

Stand up and keep your focus on me, if you look at them you will fall.”

You are trying to be at peace with them but it isn’t going to work.

The Spirit of the Lord will bring a separation down to the marrow.

A Dutch Quote says: “If people want to hit a dog they can find a stick to hit the animal.” There will be those waiting to hit you in the head and will find something to try to start a quarrel with you.

Although we try to keep peace, there are spirits finding fault with anything to discourage you and to get your eyes, your focus, off of Me.

The Father says, “don’t defend yourselves, keep digging and you will find the Well of Living Water. Keep digging and trusting in Yeshua!”

The second well is Sitna, meaning anger.

So we keep digging and digging which means we are growing more and more in the Spirit. Now we find spirits not only jealous but angry also because you are doing what the Lord is telling you and they see you are growing. Every time you get out of the boat, others are there to bring you back. Remember the story of the crabs!

The third well is Rehoboth, meaning space.

The Father will see in your heart because all of these things are happening because you are the one receiving the hurtful and discouraging comments. You let those words come into your heart and end up getting angry and sinning, by not giving the anger to the Lord.

You are tempted to go back to letting others stand allowing you back in their yoke or a yoke you have made for yourself. Don’t let the enemy fool you by the tricks of patronizing you.

Keep digging! Keep doing what Abba is telling you to do! The choice is ours. If we do what we do for the Lord we will see it standing in Genesis 26-27. Those who thought you could not do it will be the first to see the Lord is with you if you remain standing, like Job.

The Lord himself will take care of you, others will see He is blessing you, if you are the one who keeps digging, no matter the surroundings and circumstances look – for Yeshua in a deeper way.

In His own timing, the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Humble yourself and dig. The lower you get the closer you get to Yeshua. The wages for the work will be the same for the first as with the last. The first laborer’s complained they deserved more than those hired at the last hour. It doesn’t matter if you have been serving Him forty years of forty minutes the pay is the same.

The word of the Lord:

“I Am who I Am, I make no difference and am no respecter of persons.

I will choose whom I choose.

I love all My Children very much.

Many of the problems seen in this study reveal the root in the heart, if you are ministering for the sake of yourself and the fame of your own name.

You will always be jealous of others.

If you minister in My Name you will enjoy every one who stands up too. Are you looking through your own eyes or through My eyes seeing My vision?

In my Father’s house there are many mansions, if we’re not so, I would have had no need to prepare a place for you. Serve Me, not in your own name, your own ministry –

I Am that I Am.

The seed you sow, will come back to you, sow your name and you will get none,

sow in MY name and you will receive My blessings.”

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