We Are Here For You!

I have a word for someone. Listen, it seems so dark, and you are desperate! You are seeking love, and you think you find it in having sex and sleeping around. You seem to be a brave one who knows everything and who can do whatever he wants or likes. However, the Lord sees your heart! He knows what's troubles you! The Lord knows your heart. He is not angry.

I can testify how He is moved when we are honest and tell Him what we feel! I was at "the end of my rope" so to speak, when I called out loud:" God if you exist, then please help me!" At the same moment, as I cried this out with a loud voice, my phone rang, it was Yochanan to whom I'm married for 29 years, this past 30th of July!

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He was standing in the shower, ready to go out and have some fun, when a voice said: "call the lady you saw on the bus to Spain" ( we met each other while taking a vacation in Spain. But we were so hurt, deep inside that we build walls between us and we did not want to learn to know each other ) But God had other plans, so He told Yochanan, to call me. He dialed my number without really knowing it.

To make a long story short, I told him, that I wanted to die, and He said: "open your door I am coming." At the end of the story, we converted, and they baptized us together! Also, we serve the Lord now, since 1995. Being parents to many spiritual children. If you need prayer, or you need to talk or write, visit the website www.dezertofloro.com

There you can use the contact form, and we will make an appointment as soon as possible. We have our holidays right now, and need some rest and some time to prepare for the things we need to do, in the new "season." Hang in there, don't give up! He IS there for you, and so are we! Cathy! ( and of course Yochanan)