Unity In Diversity & Still One!

The new year has just begun, and Abba ( Father) impregnated me with one thought:


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The Heavenly Father once showed me a picture of a box of candy. Quality Street. Various sweets, different flavors, a diversity of scents and colors, but together they guarantee quality!

Then another image came to my spiritual eye, in which the box was opened, but this time a gray mass came out. Colorless, tasteless, and shapeless!

And He said, "This is what they have done with my bride! While I have made each person unique. And I planned that there is unity in diversity! Each puzzle piece has its own shape, color, and location.

To form a beautiful image together with which they honor My Name.

He taught me a few principles while I was traveling and ministered in various churches and home groups.

One of the clearest examples He gave me was when I visited different places in Belgium.

For example, there was a meeting in which He asked me to wear a business suit, and while I was preparing, I saw a huge group of motorcyclists enter the room. I was the only one who was "smartly" dressed. The men and women in the hall were all dressed in jeans and leather jackets.

Less than two speaking engagements later, He asked me to look casual, and I was amazed to see that the people who came in were gentlemen in smart three-piece suits and ladies in perfect business suits. Or so called cloaking suits.

That night He spoke clearly, "Do you already understand what I'm teaching you?

The unity I want to create takes place in the heart. A unity that only I can give! It has nothing to do with appearance.

It has everything to do with the lining of your ventricle! When My Spirit has a free hand there to guide the person completely, I also bring unity in diversity. This oneness is in Me, created by Me, and gives the person full space to be as I made them!

This is what we call maturity!

True friends, true family in Me, give each other the space to think differently!

They allow each other to grow!"

This year it's all about daring to be who you are, the way HE made YOU! As we remove the masquerade and show people who we are, with our unique qualities and anointing, Abba will put every piece of His jigsaw puzzle in place. The more we are as He created us, the deeper the world will recognize how great and beautiful our King is!

Each with our own calling and task. Dancers, musicians, painters, speakers, business man or women, housewives, carpenters. There is no high or low, more or less! Each of us stands where our Father wants us to be.

People can see HIS humility and beauty and purity in every work we do in and for Him. Everyone unique.

Everyone appreciated, for who he/she is. Serving HIM in serving each other in His love, and because of this attitude, glorifying His Name.