Two Sides Of The Sword

Two Sides Of The Sword

Cathy Meijer and Tina Ames original send in 2007 to the ETPV Site Of Bill Somers+

Part One Written By Cathy Meijer:

The Word is in the truth, yesterday, today and forever. The Word is for everyone as it is the plain truth.

The Word of God is the ultimate truth. Its fullness is without measure. All things written cannot be added to nor omitted from His Words. On the other side, how many of us have experienced reading in the Word from the Lord and then someone else can tell you, I can find within three minutes a word that contradicts this. Or we receive a prophetic word, and in a short time we receive a word from someone else that seems to contradict the previous word? Is our God lying? Of course not! He is not a man that He should lie. He does not contradict Himself to us. What is happening here?

First, many people are following “a map” and not the “Guide”, The Holy Spirit. You can read the Bible over and over, but if the Holy Spirit does not reveal what is for you at that particular moment, you are getting lost off your path of His direction. We need the Holy Spirit to tell us what Word is for us at this particular moment in our lives and to reveal the deep secret behind the meaning of the Word to us. There is the “Logos” Word, meaning the Word written through the Bible. And there is the “Rhema” Word, meaning the Lord speaks directly to you through the Word and it becomes one with your spirit and Next, even if we are on the straight and narrow path together, even at the same exact spot, it does not mean we should be learning and hearing from the Lord in the exact same manner. We each are learning differently ( different things at the same moment) from the Holy Spirit. It does not mean the Spirit is telling us today the same message to each other. We need to be like eagles riding on the wind of the Holy Spirit. There is a Word, a truth, for every one of us, the Bride of the Church worldwide, and He is speaking to you, individually.

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Tina and me. It is possible that the Lord is speaking to her:

“ Tina, I’m going to teach you how to save money” and at the same moment, He is speaking to me: “Cathy, I’m going to teach you how to give all of your money away.” One of the biggest mistakes we ever made in the Body of Yeshua, is taking a personal word from the Lord and applying it to each other or to His Body to make it fit them.


A family with a terminally ill child is told by the Lord to worship Him extravagantly and the Lord heals the child. Praise the Lord! The worst thing they can do is reveal to others in the Body that this experience is the plain truth and the only way the Lord heals. It is the Holy Spirit alone who can give you a Rhema Word.

Another family in the same situation may be told to sit still and wait quietly on Him.

The battle, all battles belong to Him. They are not ours. We must learn how to fight be it, through worship, intercession, but most important by sitting quietly at HIS feet.

What is the most important lesson? A personal Word from the Lord must not be revealed as a plain truth. And a prophetic word, can be for you, or not ( for this moment) There are prophetic words that are for the BODY OF YESHUA and there are prophetic words that will speak to some people, but not others. The Spirit must guide you, if it is for you...or…not!

Summary of this lesson:

All of us have the Bible as our Spirit breathed guide, The Word that is the plain truth. Every word from G-d, our Lord is the truth no matter what, when, where, or whatever our situations may be, it is the truth. If we are in a situation where we need a personal truth, we must wait for our personal word from the Lord. If we follow the Holy Spirit breathed Word into our spirit, we will follow Him and not depend on the map to lead us. We will soar on eagle’s wings and not try to fight a battle ourselves.

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Part 2 written by: Tina Ames

The Lord will give a Word to you on a particular subject, and with the same subject give me a totally different direction. The Word is the “Sword of the Spirit” and will rightly divide the truth given by the Holy Spirit.

Will a word convict you or condemn you, of course it is convict! The Lord will correct His children with love. The enemy is the one who would like to make you feel condemned and tries his best to pull you away from the relationship you have with the Lord.

The gift of prophecy is to speak lovingly to the Bride. How do I speak to His Bride? Is it given in His love? If it is encouraging then rest assured if it is misconstrued or seems miss communicated, the enemy is the one trying to alter the reception.

Rest, Stand, Shout, Love, Watch, Arise, Jesus does only what the Father tells Him too. We desire only to do what Jesus is doing. Is the verb/ action word given one that He would do? If the answer is yes, it is from Him, if not ignore it and ask for a confirming word to come forth.

There are two sides to every story, there are two sides to One Sword, but there is only One Sword, One Savior, and One Witness.

One of my favorite sayings is, “The Lord will offend your mind to reveal your heart.” There are times I truly don’t like what I see in my heart, but it is because of His love for me is why He showed it to me. Offence is not a good attitude, but the Lord can with our repentance turn it around for good and clean our hearts out for us.

MY glorious Victory, prince Divine, Clasp these surrendered hands in Thine, At length my will is all Thine own, Glad vassal of a Savior’s throne!

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