Two Short Prophetic Words

Embrace The Will Of God!

The "suddenly" you expected is near, but it will also be an unexpected surprise. It is perhaps not what you expected, but as you embrace the will of the Lord, you will see it is exactly what suits you!

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Choose Life!

No matter what people have done if you have self-esteem and you love yourself, you can forgive! Instead of walking around, in anger, you will search for opportunities to find your way in life! Be busy with improving your life, and turn your situation into a blessing! Yes, it may cost you something, when you lose the things you've enjoyed, but it will also bring you a deeper insight into who you are and what you are capable of. You will find the ***source in yourself which makes you able, to be victorious, despite the disappointment and heartache.

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*** If the source inside of you is the LIVING God, we may know, that we have access to many chambers, filled with deep wisdom, which will lead you to the way the truth and the life. And we can be sure this well never will dry up!

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