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We can trust the Lord! I'm going to give you an example, and it is one of many!

At one point I was asked by a spiritual son to pray for a computer. He described to me exactly which one it had to be. And in the unwritten words, I clearly read one more question <> Help me a little by giving me money!

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During my prayer for him, the Lord spoke clearly.

I had to give him an amount, which was a pittance, of the amount my spiritual son needed for his chosen computer!

And I also had to tell him to accept the amount and not wait for more, no, he had to go to the nearest town and there he would see his dream computer for the amount that God gave him.

The lesson he had to learn was to wait on God, confident that He knew better than all of us!

No sooner said than done. Two days later an enthusiastic spiritual son wrote that it had happened exactly as I had written him.

The computer was even beyond his expectations and hadn't cost a cent more than the amount I had to give it!

Now, this is how our Heavenly Father is and works! Trust and Obey!


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