Trust Him Always ( Marriages )

Dying to the flesh, to self, is a process. We need to surrender to our Lord and rest in HIM, while He will circumcises our heart. 

If you are married, two people journeying together will sometimes face, intense changes and with those change coming, eventually some problems. 

When we allow our Lord to cleanse even the hidden corners of our heart, we might run into some stuff, ( sin ) which we thought we could never do.

Because of that, people sometimes lie to their partner and do not tell what they are going through. 

It is also possible that the Lord in His wisdom, allows these things to happen, so both partners learn to lean upon HIM instead of leaning upon each other!

During this purification process, hearts and trust, both can be damaged!

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Give it to the Lord, and He can and will heal and mend, what is damaged and broken. TRUST in HIM Always!

In the end, you both are stronger in the Lord, and you are now a threefold cord with Him and in HIM, a relationship which will never break. 

You both stand and bloom. And you do not expect that the other person needs to make you happy. You have found your shalom ( peace and well-being) in the Lord! 

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