👉 Obedience is so important! 👈

Blind obedience to my Lord has saved us from disaster! Always obey!

No matter how strange it may seem, it doesn't matter if you understand it or not, just do what He asks of you! He is our protector, but we must follow his guidance!

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👉 Trust is so important! 👈

My Lord and Father has purified my name. So many lies that people have believed for years.

But I learned not to trust myself. I had to remain silent. Yesterday was a glory day!

My name has been publicly cleared by an authoritative officer.

The report that was concealed from us throws a completely different light on the situation. #Lies!
For years tolerated in silence. Waiting for my God! He who has promised is faithful!

And through obedience to Him we are saved from disaster!

At the beginning of this years-long cat and mouse game, the Father said,

"He who digs a pit for someone else will fall into it himself"

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