Today was a day filled with the wisdom of my G-d!

Today was a day filled with the wisdom of my G-d!

He allowed me to explain 2 dreams of two different people, and He made me to read the book of Isaiah.

He has sent me to different places on the internet and I saw the emptiness and the hunger for power. He opened my eyes and showed me, how many, calling themselves believers, in the G-d Of Avraham Yitzchak and Yaakov, turn to worldly counselors who teach them things that go against HIS rules and HIS wisdom.

I want to go to bed and I asked Him: "Abba must I add something on LinkedIn before I go to sleep?" He made me write this down and showed me the picture, which needed to be added to this message.

HE must be our everything. In HIM you find the wisdom! And those, called by Yeshua, need to bring those, who are wandering as sheep in the wilderness, back to the stable where THE SHEPHERD is waiting, to cleanse them from all the dirt and wrong thoughts and behaviors, so they can be part of the Bride who is waiting for her Bridegroom. Without blemish spot and wrinkle. Laila Tov dear “linkies” Goodnight "connections"

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