Time To Move on!

Prophetic Word For Someone.

The Father is telling you:

“It is time to move on. You cannot walk through that open door ” I Am” is given you, while you continuously live in the past.

You cannot even see that door if you look back over your shoulders the entire day."

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"The only way for you to succeed right now is by looking up!

Trust Me for I know what I Am doing.

You need to take more time to read My word, to listen to Me, and to talk with Me.
I also see how you can’t forgive yourself, where I already have forgiven you!

Surround yourself with positive thoughts and a positive attitude.

Do what you need to do, and leave it up to Me how the road will open.

Trust is the fuel to receive the tools for this new adventure.

And remember My child, it is not about you but Me and My plans.

Whatever might happen, My Name is glorified when you follow My lead!

Now go, for I send you!"