I just saw an image on my spiritual eyes, of a child walking on the mother's hand. And a child who was released by the mother to walk by itself. Father makes it clear that there comes a time, of testing for each of His children!

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While being stuck, and imprisoned in the most deepest situation, all of a sudden, for a brief moment, not able to hear His voice and not experiencing His presence, but still remains confident, knowing for sure that the Lord is there.

It is the moment when He let's go of our hand, because He sees us as an adult, who, through the lessons that Father taught him knows how to act and to keep the faith no matter how difficult the situation. HIS Child remains confident in HIM, without hesitation. And in complete surrender, so that the Lord can decide how the road will continue.

And when we pass the test, we suddenly hear His voice again and we are surrounded by His tangible presence again!

Yaakov 1:2-4 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

Consider it all simcha, my Achim b’Moshiach, whenever you fall into various nisayonos (tests, trials),

Because you have da’as that the emunah you have, when it is tested, produces savlanut (patient endurance).

And let savlanut be shleimah in its po’al (work) in order that you may be mevugarim (mature, grown up) and complete, lacking in nothing.

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