Thirty Is A Special Number In My Life

My mom had a near-death experience right after my birth. The Lord spoke to her and told her He would give her thirty years extra. And it really happened!

My mom died, and my dad died soon after her.

I cried upon the Lord when I heard my father was dying. Yochanan heard a voice saying that he needed to call me.

We met each other on the bus to Spain! I won a trip to Spain, and he booked a short vacation.

We saw each other, and when you see the pictures we both made, you can see the spark of love was already there. But we both experienced so much grief, so we build walls around our hearts.
He did not even have my phone number. But the Lord gave it to him.
So it began!

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Today the 5th of December, 30 years ago, I buried my dear father, and at the same moment, my Heavenly Father brought Yochanan in my life. In the evening, while driving home, we engaged in silence, and Abba was our witness. The 30th of July next year 2020 we are married 30 years!

There came a moment that we realized we had experienced a miracle. I cried out to the Lord, Yochanan heard a voice and could dial my number, and the Lord took care of the rest. We met people who were believers, and they invited us to come to their church.

The very first time we came, we gave our lives to the Lord and were baptized together in water and Spirit.

In the bible of my mom, which I inherited, I found a piece of paper at the page where Hannah gives her child back to the Lord. * Prophet Samuel.

Right after our conversion, the Lord called me in His service; He gave me the blessing of immediately being able to hear His voice.

He trained me equipped me to set me apart, and now He prepared me for the full measure of the D'Vorah calling!

----In 2006 I am officially send out in the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry, by Hendrik - Jan Van Mourik Restoration Church --

Abba send several Jewish men, through the years, to confirm and bless the ministry.

Yochanan and I have experienced so many miracles; our life is filled with the profound presence of the Lord.

I published my 1st book in 2009. But so many new miracles and wonders have happened that I pray, I may write another one.

We are working both in His service, and we are waiting for the next step and praying that Yochanan can come back in fulltime-time ministry again.

This testimony is for all of you, who need encouragement and who can use a sign, that our Father is truly a living God!

A motivation to boldly believe, that He still is the same as we can read in His word!

As Spiritual parents, we are here for you! Prayer requests questions, dream interpret, Abba blessed us with many gifts to serve HIM by serving you!

Shalom, dear subscribers, readers on social media. Be blessed!

Yochanan & Cathy

Machanayim Boot- Camp House