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The Way To Success Is To Have Passion For Him And His Word!

Updated: Apr 23

No matter if you are in a ministry or in business if you follow the ways of the Lord He will make you prosper to honor HIS Holy Name!


All the distractions in your situation, are the steppingstones to your breakthrough.

This is the cement to build the victory in the new season! The more we realize we can't do it, the sooner we will learn to lean upon Him only!

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Some Advice

Don't look at the circumstances and what it looks like when we see it in real life. Abba never leaves you. Stay in HIM, obey HIM and SUDDENLY we will notice what He did in secret.

What an eye has not seen, an ear has not heard, and what a human spirit has not thought of "- the things that God has prepared for those who love him!

Papa says today: "I told you time after time that you must reach the point in your situation, where everything has turned against you, and it is impossible. "Simply Impossible!"

Keep your eyes fixed on Me! Listen and Obey!**** ( This is the way to learn to depend on Him only)

Being In Business

As soon as you realize that you may give it into His hands, and fill yourself with His word, things will change. It is not the easiest way, because at first our fleshly way of thinking will protest to every step of the way! It is a learning process, but as you see the first signs of victory, the joy will come!

And please remember When Isaac is almost there ( Promise of God without our help) Ishmael is standing around the corner ( being tempted to try do it in our own way and not obeying God)

I know my journey is led by a very healthy source, God of Avraham Yitzchak and Yaacov. It's not the easiest way to walk, because you need to give up your EGO and He also will lead you on paths you would never choose yourself, but the outcome is sure and the path secured. -Dr. Cathy Meijer 

I want to give you an example how far the Lord wants us to depend on Him:

First of all, I serve THE MENTOR The Creator of heaven and earth, Who not only shares HIS #wisdom with me for free. But who also asks me to serve others for free.

If people want to donate, I ask to donate to my foundation. #WILLINGLY Not forced.

Also when they come to the boot camp house, the same rule applies.

The result is that nobody is short of anything. The person who comes does not have to pay too much, ( Listen to the Lord) While my team and I are always cared for by the Lord, whom we all trust.

Does it sounds to you as SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE?

****You can read here the entire word : https://dezertofloro.com/post/simply-impossible…

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