The Tower Of Babel

Unity In My Spirit Cathy Meijer

Not a spirit of unity; but unity in MY Spirit! Received: 23-9-2005 6:27:19

I will post a word and teaching the Lord gave me in 2005 about the tower of Babel. We are living in exciting times. He is doing what He promised so long ago.

But He says: " My eyes are upon you, but are yours upon Me?"

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Peter Bruegel

Genesis 11 3-4 they said; Let us build a city with a tower that reaches to the sky! We will use hard bricks and tar instead of stone and mortar.

We will become famous, and we will not be scattered all over the world.

Out of the book of Revelation 17 and 18


“Pity that great and powerful city! Pity Babylon!

In a single hour, her judgment has come.”

The Lord woke me up with this word, and this is what I saw next;

I saw people who were busy with baking stones and building themselves a tower. Each stone had a name: - Me - Pride - Identical spirit of unity - Quarrel - False position - Darkness - Lack of love - Satan is the ruler – there is a spirit of me, me and more. And the tower that I saw fall down.

Out of the book of Genesis 11:7 Come on! Let us go down and confuse them by making them speak different languages — then they will not be able to understand each other.

The Father made it clear to me that trying to make the unity among each other, without listening to His voice, will have this result in the end: It will be like a city with a tower of pride, where there will be no light, there will be complete darkness, people will be identical, and will have the mark of the beast! Pride, manipulation identical people -nobody will, nor be an unique person- there will be no love, and all of them shall wear the mark of the beast. Satan will rule! Unity without the God of Avraham Yitzchak and Ya'acov!

And finally, everything will be destroyed.

The unity the Lord will make however will be like this;

- He will have the first place as the Alpha and the Omega, and we will serve each other.

- Humble - Unity in diversity and the unity will come through His Spirit.

- Love - His path will be straight - Light - Warmth - God.

The Spirit of Love with humbleness and we will love Him above everything else.

Not in fear of Him as in being afraid of Him, but in the true fear - which is the beginning of wisdom - and is about being in awe of Him, and showing Him respect. No longer as slaves but doing things willingly!

Thus, saith the Lord:

"I Am calling out an army. It will be an army that I will raise, and I will make. They all will listen to My voice.

And the mark they will have is MY LOVE. I Am calling MY army!

They will be one and on the other hand, everyone will be a unique person. Because when I created the world, I have created unique people.

All of them I created with a free will, and I will not take that away. Only the sinful things I will remove, for instance pride.

The unity that I Am creating will show the world MY love.

That is why I tell you, stop!

Know that I Am the Lord your God, I will build, and I will destroy…

I will break and I will bind…

The army that I create will serve Me, every stone will be resting on a cement of My love… They will understand each other through My Spirit…

This army will be built; Not by might nor by power but through My Spirit says the Lord. My army will be carrying the light, My city will be a city of glass… (crystal) Because when gold is in its purist shape it is like glass… But if gold manifests itself as glass it means that it has been through tremendous heat…

I take My children through purification… I take them through the fire of My purification… And they will become (look like) glass. No masks no secrets no lies but clean and pure.

Anyone who refuses this process cannot be part of My army… Through the fire I will remove every sin, that you could see by the building of the tower.

It was a tower build on pride, and manpower.

What shall remain is an army that will shine My light, speaking through My Spirit and will show My love.

It will reflect the city of the new Yerushalayim"

**Out of the book of Revelation "And the city was made of pure gold, clear as crystal."

Today, we can see how we, the Jewish people are finding our way back home to Israel. But we also can see confusion! Each of us, has a different back ground, speaks a different language, and so on.

I recently posted this on twitter as an answer to a tweet from a dear connection:

★彡 (((Mamme D'Vorah))) 彡★ @MammeDVorah Oct 22 Replying to ( privacy) and 31 others May I interrupt? I shared your message G. but I add something to it. Jews who FIGHT (IDF) & UNITE!! Worldwide, also those in the diaspora. Orthodox, Messianic, no matter we are all JEWS. And despite the Holocaust, we are (again) with many! Last but NOT least we serve a MIGHTY God*!

This means we need to become ONE in and through HIS Ruach HaKodesh! The steps we need to take are:

Teshuva - Repentance- Turn back to HIM and HIS ways and HIS feasts and obey HIM willingly not out of a slave mentality!

The enemy is building unity without our God, and HIS ways, but we may rest in HIM and obey HIM because we LOVE and HONOR Him.

We can trust our Lord! When I received this prophetic word and teaching, back in 2005, I could not have imagined I am going back HOME too! Making Aliyah in HIS perfect time. He Who Promised IS Faithful!

* Yeshua our Moshiach Yeshua = Salvation One God One Word One Shepherd One Flock. Read more

**Christians with a circumcised heart are called Jews inwardly. Please read Romans 11.

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