The Stopped Clock Message

Posted originally on 30 November 2013

This morning my alarm clock suddenly stopped. It works on battery so Yochanan replaced them, but the clock just did not work. Then I took the battery out and put them back in, and suddenly the clock started to work again. At the same moment that happened Abba made it clear He had a message for us all!

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“It is time to wake up, even though it seems that the I AM is asleep! Many of you are going through situations where you cried out to Me and it seems I do not respond! But does the Holy One of Israel ever sleep? I use this situation to cleanse you even in the hidden corners of your heart! My love for you is so deep that I rather allow you to go through this, then not being ready when I return! It is time for male and female work together! Many of My daughters still act as if they are second hand citizens in My Kingdom! While I put hidden skills in them, that I Am is about to set free! Many out there have always left situations in their husbands hands, and it seemed you could do nothing! Step out, and trust Me, because I will bless your obedience to Me! There are things in your live that seem impossible, but should there be anything to difficult for your King? That what seemed to be dead, suddenly will be brought back to live! That what seemed to be over will suddenly be renewed again! (Marriage, friendship, relationship between parents and children and so on).

Obedience will bring new things in your life! Trust will be the fuel of your renewed and deeper life in Me” says the Lord! “What seemed to be dead will live again! Forgiveness, obedience, trust, and faith, will be the ingredients for a new time a new and deeper walk with Me” says the Lord! “The clock stood still, you where about to lose hope, but suddenly you will see Me move on your behalf” says the Lord!

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