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The Secret Of Success (2)

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I learned through experience, sometimes we need to act, and sometimes we need to wait!

In the Hebrew language, we see this same rhythm. The thin line between acting and waiting.

Those who understand the sweet soft voice of our great Creator, I encourage to not only listen but also obey!

I just experienced a significant breakthrough in a situation that seemed to be impossible.

I listened, and I obeyed! I had to wait in silence, and I did with a heart filled with faith.

The outcome was beyond my imagination!

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I hope that I can encourage those who are believers too!

I'm not only talking about issues in your personal life but also in your business!

If you are a believer, do not leave your faith at home.

I am surprised by how many believers live a life of double standards.

Being a believer at home and on Saturday ( Shabbat) or Sunday ( Sunday service) but during the week, at their workplace, they try to hide it as much as they can!

As a coach and mentor, I have witnessed many situations where people got stuck in their self-made cobwebs of lies and shame.

Being surprised why things did not work out the way they expected. If we love HIM, we are no ashamed to shine HIS light and HIS wisdom at our workplace!

The secret is to come to the end of self and filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit.

Love HIM above anything or anyone else allows Him to take the steering wheel of your life entirely in HIS hands.

If you listen and obey His directions, the outcome is secured!

Believe and dare to receive in every area of your life!

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