The Season of the Turnabout is NOW!

Shalom dear Subscribers! Or I rather say, my mishpacha ( Family ) in the Lord!

It is time for many of us to repent, and to allow the Holy One, to be the captain of your ship!

At the other hand, many in this day and age,are so called forerunners!

They have been there, went through cleansing and purification and even the pruning has not escaped their attention so to speak ;)

As you can see I send this post originally in 2013.

But another division of the Army Of G-d, is ready, for this. Do not resist what has to come. It is the most important step, you ever can take!

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The Season of the Turnabout is NOW!

Posted on 17 December 2013

A republished and rewritten Word from the Lord first received in 2005. Now we see it happen right before us!

I Am the Lord your God! I Am The Creator, I will fulfill MY plan!

I will place you in the position I have created for YOU! Do not be jealous, not even in the deepest parts of your heart! I place My soldiers in My army! Because it is My Body!

If you hear the sound of the Shofar than you take your place gather in My presence! Take your place, take YOUR place, building together MY temple, pull down your walls!

Arise and Shine My light will come over you! I will give new things, I will remove old things, do not fight against each other! Take YOUR place stand up, do not resist Me, do not touch My anointed ones! Do not raise your hands against them!

My Kingdom will come, My will be done! Arise and Shine, be My Bride, My Family My Army!

If necessarily, than give Me the space to purify you a little longer, do not resist it….. I will not forget anyone, all of you will have a task, but you must obey Me, lay down your pride and ambitions!

For it is:

My Kingdom come and My will be done forever and ever, Amen!

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Breath of My Breath, Spirit of My Spirit, I Am the one who send you, and healed you, all for your good, Rainbow; rainbow bright colors priesthood, Golden girdle Yeshua son Of the Living God, I Am tells you come on, I will send a lot!

Breath of My Breath, Spirit of My Spirit, There are no walls no boundaries, I do not build with wood and straw, I Am The Lord and love all of My people I build and tear down, And tell you : GO and give them My law! Kingdom of priests you are from Yeshua,

Be like a rainbow that covers My world, Be like a rainbow and GO.


Out of the four corners of the world I saw rainbows. They mixed together. And they covered all of the earth. It became a whirling wheel.

Thus saith the Lord: quote:

“Behold, the whirling wheels! This is the season of the turnabout! Teshuva! I am leading My children to the birth of maturity! Walls are being pulled down, man-made structures will be no more and at last I will be able to blow with the mighty wind of My Spirit!

Restoration! Restoration I will bring to those who really, truly trust Me! I will endue them with My Spirit! My glory will be over them! They will be like whirl wheels! In these wheels I will reveal Myself as the Lion of Judah, the Redeemer, the I AM!

They will go wherever I send them, without even once deviating from their path! They will rightly divide the word of truth! Angels will gird up their loins and they will be seen arising from the four corners of the world to magnify MY NAME and announce MY soon Return!”

Your Father.

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