The Season Of The Suddenlies

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With all honor to our Lord, because it came all from Him and I only had to receive it!

I received a message which I know for sure, will bless many:

Years ago, I received a message from the Lord that we would enter a season, where He would surprise us all of a sudden.

It is "the season of the suddenlies."

What we have tried to accomplish, for many years, and without having success, our Lord will give us in the blink of an eye! But for those who are still waiting for their blessing, I want to share what I heard in prayer:

Abba ( Father) said that sometimes He needs to remove something which can hurt us deeply while walking at the new level. When there is something in front of your eyes which has a higher place than HIM, it can become a stumbling block. Remember how we can read that Joseph's shaved his beard before he met the king. In the Bible, beard represents authority! When our beard "will be shaved" (the process of coming at the end of self) HIS authority, can freely without boundaries, cover our entire being! Victory will come in the plan He has for you when He can serve through you, and you allow HIM to have the steering wheel in HIS hands! Keep trusting and start to rest in HIM!

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