We Need Your Hands Your Knees

Dear Family In Our Lord,

For the first time in all those many years, of serving the Lord in the calling He has given us,

we ASK for prayer in a blog-post.

On Your Knees, Raising Hands, Using Your Mouth

Proverbs 6: 31 And thieves who get caught must pay back seven times what was stolen and lose everything.

The Lord made us so beautiful and gave us so much but the enemy took it all: Music, color, art, even the spiritual gifts.....everything! But it is time to get it back! In the Name of Yeshua, and you know what, the enemy has to give it back! Even a double portion!


​Proverbs 9: 1 Wisdom has built her house. She has carved out her seven pillars.

A television program about The Word: The Jewish Messiah! Choose today blessing or curse

1. Pillar: G-d on the first place - -addictions etc. Am I the keeper of my brother?

2. Pillar: Music and Worship - - Fathers way of worship

3. Pillar: Pure Gospel - - about Repentance and Holiness

4. Pillar: G-d`s Feasts - - Restoration of everything

5. Pillar: Israel - - Plan of G-d with His Holy Land

6. Pillar: You shall not kill - - Sacrifice To Moloch Abortion/ ending life

7. Pillar: Unity - - Between the children of G-d

Comment Jacob Keegstra

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

You probably all know where it says in Isaiah 11 that the Lord tells us He will lift his hand twice to bring back His people!

This is for today- NOW is the TIME! Unfortunately many translations say AGAIN, and then all things are possible...

But it does not tell us WHEN The Lord will do this...

The 11th chapter of Isaiah begins with the seven pillars!

The Menorah

The Spirit of The Lord is the central support that holds the entire candle up.

Then, in order, the spirit of wisdom and knowledge, counsel and strength and finally the spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord.

A total of: Seven Pillars - Menorah-

We intercede all of those years, for all the prayer requests we receive. But this time we ask you, to pray for us!

Israel is under attack. And the regular media share lies in their reports. G-d is not in it!

We ask of you to allow the Holy Spirit to pray. His will His plans. He gave us this house, which is under attack too. But HE is IN the house He gave us, and IN the media branch of HIS ministry!

He gave us the studio and all the equipment. Miracle after miracle.

May we again find favor in HIS sight to re-start the media branch and that Yochanan can come back in fulltime ministry too.

Abba has pruned the ministry. Pruning means more fruit can and will come. We removed the websites the videos the audio and I had to sit at His feet.

But now we are back, and the fire burns inside of us to share HIS truth! To defend my land and people!

We need helping hands or Yochanan needs to come home in fulltime ministry. But that costs more money. #finances

So we need your hands and knees and mouths.

Thank you all for understanding! Our programs are not based on GETTING money to buy our own plains and that kind of stuff. It is about sharing HIS word. Healing and deliverance and honest report about the (HIS) land and the (HIS) people!

Shalom, ~~ Yochanan and Cathy ~~