The Lord Will Open A Window

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Today, it is mother's day. For many a blessing, for others a curse.

Today, Abba led me to share some personal things, that might help those, who are going through deep things right now.

I cried many times, but Abba gave me a word in my childhood, and I clung to that word. And now I see it happening. All the grief, the many times I faced death when I had cancer, a stroke, and a ruptured appendix, had no home, lost my parents when I was in my early thirties, and more, much more, could not prevent, that HIS promise remained in my heart.

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Machanayim Family House

Abba spoke in my heart somewhere during my childhood.

"When the world is coming to an end, and people start to get afraid, your time of blooming, will begin."

I see it coming to pass. It is a time of "the suddenlies," the Lord gave me a prophetic word in 2016 that the time of suddenly would begin, so trust in HIM, and be thankful for HIS love, Thank YOU, dear Abba.

Today it is Mother's Day.

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Picture: FB Notes From Heaven

Blessed mother's day to all, and also those who did not give birth. (yet)

Being a mother starts in our hearts! I know, for I did not receive children out of my womb, we have children in heaven.

But my heart is a mother's heart, and as soon as we look more to other people's problems rather, than to hold fast on things we cannot change, the Lord starts to open windows... and now I am a mother of two daughters and 3 grandchildren and a spiritual mother to many! If we open our heart and pour out HIS love... miracles do happen!

The first picture is from our window in our living room of the Machanayim Family House. The Lord tells you today:

"Do you see MY LIGHT on the other side of the window? I am waiting for you.

To step out of the past and let go of the past. To let ME take you where "I Am" wants you to be. The place I have in store for you is a place where I can serve through you, and you can be a blessing to many.

If you allow me to touch you in those places where you cannot let go of things, I can assure you that your broken heart will be mended in such a way that you can only lean on Me, and I can serve through you.

When the heart is broken MY oil can flow through every word you speak and in every action you do!

Come on, my child, let it go, give it to me, I know what I'm doing!

As soon as YOU surrender, I'll show you an open window... "


My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise. Psalm 51:17