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Coming to the end of self, or as we can read in Torah, crossing the Jordan river, ( river of death) to come to the end of self!

You can read some short advices and a prophetic word.

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As Joseph you need to be thrown in the PIT! And then go to prison to find your palace! 1. People In Training 2. People who learn to SERVE in the worst circumstances 3. His task His plan. You are death to self now He can entrust you with blessings as you will remain IN HIM

Yaacov was left alone and we can read ”Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly unto her Hoshea 2:16

Before the unity in and through His Spirit can come you need to stand alone with HIM! ONLY leaning on THE BELOVED! He is waiting

Do not look at the other person! Some of us BEGIN this journey some of us END this journey. In the end we will be one and we are now still united! Embrace the truth!

In this period of transition, Satan can attack a certain area. The communication! Do not look surprised when confusion seems to prevail. Certainly in the marriages! Remedy: #Pray together!

The KING is IN the field! God Of Justice is turning the tides! #Balance never forget who you where in the flesh, BUT also embrace how He sees you now! Make sure you ask Father, if everything is set & in order Have you confessed and acknowledged everything? You are cleansed #BLOOD

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Today my Achoti Katy wrote on twitter:

You cannot handle a double portion blessing if you have not allowed God to prepare your heart beforehand. What should be a blessing will become a destructive flood if you are not ready to handle what God wants to give you! Prepare your hearts... for God's Glory!

Then Abba reminded me of a word I received from Him in 2005!

Please read:

Maher Shalal Chash Baz (The Spoil Speeds, the Booty Hastens

Yeshayah 8

Consecrate yourselves and then wait and see for I am who I am!

Why, this couldn’t happen, even if Adonai made windows in Heaven! (Kings 7: 2)

Today the Lord makes it clear : “ TRUST ME! For I AM WHO I AM!” Wait and see what the Lord is going to do! Maybe this is the most difficult thing for us, as His children, to do…..”DO NOTHING” Wait upon the Lord, not with unbelief, not mocking, but in trust and being sure of the things HE is about to do!

Father is making for Himself an army, which will be totally trusting in His Word and His protection. Being ONE in Yeshua, and totally empty of their own plans and ambitions. If the Lord says WALK! They go, if He says stay put they stop!

Not by might nor by power, but by MY Spirit says the Lord!

All of us are probably waiting for breakthroughs, in the finances and other areas. But we must not fight, ore try to help Him, to get the doors of heaven to open…. Some of us fast, but Father is not asking of us, to reject food, but a chastened heart…..

Psalm 51 says: My sacrifice to God is a broken spirit, God, you won’t spurn a broken chastened heart!

Repent that is what is necessary! ( 2 chronicles 7: 14)

And then wait upon the Lord! He will provide His body in everything we need to fight the good fight! And to win the battle! The battle is from the Lord, not from us! Let us wait together in prayer and silence, and let us see the wonders the Lord will do! Consecrate ourselves! Because the Lord will do things we never saw before!

If we are death to self He opens the heavens. Now I am editing this ( HIS) word in 2018 Heaven is touching earth! No need to walk upon the ladder see the angels bring you the supplies you need!

Joshua 3:5,8 and 17

Consecrate yourselves because tomorrow Adonai is going to work wonders among you!

And Yehoshua said unto Ha`Am, Set yourselves apart as kodesh; And thou shalt command the Kohanim that bear the Aron Ha`Brit, saying, When ye are come to the brink of the water of the Yarden, ye shall stand still in the Yarden. Tomorrow Hashem will do nifla’ot among you.

The people stood before the Jordan River. And the Lord said to Joshua: “When you come to the edge of the Yarden River, you are to stop in the Yarden itself”.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Lord gave me this word, to speak about, in the radio program Shammah. And He made it clear what this word means for us, as believers in these days. The Father showed me, that the people He called into the Ministry, the people He gave a task,

in His Kingdom, must come in the midst of His living water…

Every one of us has a task and a call! Give yourself completely, and obey the Holy Spirit!

The Jordan River is the River of dead, which means for us as believers, to die at ourselves! Following Yeshua is not a road what is about my ambition, my plans ore my will be done, but: Father YOUR will be done!

Father is calling His people to Himself! When Yeshua is coming back, it will be for a bride without blemish spot and wrinkle, without dirt, a Holy bride it will be!

Now if we turn back to the word in Joshua, the cohanim stood fast on dry ground, in the middle of the Yarden, while all Israel crossed on dry ground, until the entire nation had finished crossing, the Yarden. Now the people Father has called to work in His garden, are the ones, who must come into the flow of the Spirit, not half, not sometimes, but all the time, and with all they have! So the Holy Spirit, can lead them, in a way, Father wants them to be, and they can help the rest of the people to cross the Jordan to…. Because all of the believers in Yeshua have to die to self, so Father will see His Son in them.

The 5-fold ministers need to understand that the Cohanim stood fast on dry ground near the ark of His presence, we are the Cohanim that stand on holy ground, standing on the Rock Yeshua, in HIS Ruach, His Spirit, to help the others to cross over! To serve and be there as fathers and mothers to the others!

Now is the time, to go for it!

To choose with all of your heart, to follow Him, without making golden calves for yourself! Now is the time, that the people of Yeshua consecrate themselves, even the hidden places in your heart.. because our Lord can also see those hidden spots…

When a man and a woman are getting married, the traditional bride will wear a veil, and after she gives her husband the answer he surely will like to hear, he can remove the veil. Meaning they are truly ONE now.

When we say with all of our heart YES To Yeshua, He will take away the veil from our eyes, and we will see Him, hear Him, like never before! And prophetically speaking, I believe that the time is near, that Yeshua will remove the veil from Israel, so all of us can see our Messiah! That means that time is running out, so come, go to Him, your Bridegroom is waiting! He wants us as His bride; He will remove your veil, so you will see Him, without any disturbing thing in between the both of you!

And for the people, the leaders, those in Ministry, for all of us it means, step in the river of the Holy Spirit. Completely, so He will grow more and deeper in you, more than ever before, because the Lord is about to do great and new things, among us, He is going to work wonders and we will see things, we never saw before! He will use you, to guide the rest of the believers, so they will do the same thing, walk through the Jordan River, to die on their own plans and ambitions, so Father can welcome a clean and holy bride!

Also ask the Father what you have in your house? Buddha`s Ying and Yang, dirty magazines, porn or violence ( movies books) and so on. Read Joshua 7 And ponder about it. How is our attitude, what do we try to hide? Is our house clean?

Yehoshua 7

10 And Hashem said unto Yehoshua, Stand up; why liest thou thus upon thy face?

11 Yisroel hath sinned, and they have also violated My Brit which I commanded them; for they have even taken of the Cherem, and have also played the ganav, and lied also, and they have put it even among their own possessions.

10 The LORD said to Yehoshua, Get you up; why are you thus fallen on your face?

11 Yisra'el has sinned; yes, they have even transgressed my covenant which I commanded them: yes, they have even taken of the devoted thing, and have also stolen, and dissembled also; and they have even put it among their own stuff.

Original word received in March 2005 Edited more to it November 14th 2018 through Bat Tziyon Cathy Meijer A Mom a D`Vorah to Yisrael. The short message at the top is received from Abba through His Bat Tziyon Katy Asher

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