The Journey That Leads To His Heart.

Abba (Dad) has been referring to the topic of Christmas for several days.

The tree, the balls, the food, etc.

One believes with all his heart that it is a Christian festival, while the other does not want to hear a word about it and calls it occult.

Today I may share with you how the Lord brought Yochanan and myself to the point where we are today.

We both grew up in a Christian environment.

But the Lord revealed my Jewish roots in the years after my conversion, (repentance and baptized in water and Holy Spirit.

From the moment I truly put my life in HIS hands, He took us on the road of dying to the carnal way of thinking. And it has been a journey full of HIS love and protection and tremendous care!

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Listen, we can act obediently without understanding what we are doing. We can also allow HIM to guide us in HIS gentle love and care.

His perfect time, His wisdom is the tool to guide us down the narrow path and travel through the journey of life, while we rest in HIM!

In my case, He took me to Israel, and there in my #Homeland He opened my eyes to His feasts and His set apart day, the Shabbat.

And He took His time and step by step, He led me to His heart.

I learned that the feasts and the set apart day are HIS, to honor His Name and to make it clear that we, Jews have a royal task, to be a light as a Nation, to the rest of the world.

(The Gentile Believer, who allows Him, to circumcise the heart, are called Jews inwardly, and will be grafted in the olive tree.)

We need to stand firm, being totally different than the world and its behavior. Following HIS lead and celebrating His feasts and the Shabbat. Not because we MUST but willingly with a heart that is filled with love for Him!

Back to Christmas and the tree and balls.

The facts at a glance:

The word El comes from a root word meaning "might, strength, power" and probably derives from the Ugaritic term for god.

In Scripture, the primary meanings of this root are "god" (pagan or false gods), "God" (the true God of Israel), and sometimes "the mighty" (referring to men or angels). When used of the true God of Israel, El is almost always qualified by additional words that further define the meaning that distinguishes Him from false gods. These other names or titles for God are sometimes called "construct forms." As for the derivation of Noel, it might be a contraction from Hebrew; "Nolad El" meaning "God (is) born".

Christmas ... In 354 A.D., Bishop Liberius of Rome ordered the people to celebrate on December 25. He probably chose this date because the people of Rome already observed it as the Feast of Saturn, celebrating the birthday of the sun. And last but not least concerning birthdays.

Did Early Christians Celebrate Birthdays?

It does not seem that the celebration of birthdays became common among those that professed the Messiah until the fourth century. Birthdays apparently originated in magic and mythology. They were traditionally also celebrated by followers of Mithra. Although birthdays were to some degree acknowledged, the celebration of birthdays was not something that original Christians did -- and should not be done by true Christians today. Nor did Jews anciently celebrate birthdays. Nor does the Bible ever give the precise date with either a lunar or solar calendar of any persons' birth.


There are those who really celebrate His birth with these customs to honor His name. And often we see others who have received the deeper insights of His plan and His ways openly rebuking people without any visible sign of His love.

After Yochanan and I were just converted and baptized in Spirit and water, a dear friend of ours conceived, and she and her husband baptized the baby. And we went to the service.

I still remember her face holding the baby in her arms while the minister sprinkled water on its head.

But Abba (father) had other plans. And almost a year later He brought her to our house, she was desperate because there were several things going on in her life.

Long story short, while I was praying with her, the Lord touched her and a day later she called me and said, "I can hardly explain what happened, but the distant God is now my Father and I feel overwhelmed because of His love."

We were with her a few months later when she stepped into the water to be baptized.

Do you understand my point? No one spoke to her or tried to convince her that we must be adults to be baptized in water and the Spirit. It was the Lord who took her by the hand, who led her to our house, who prayed through my mouth, and who led her in HIS ways.

Likewise, He took Yochanan and me by the hand, led us to the homeland of Israel, opened our eyes to HIS feasts and a set apart day.

And after that incredible journey, He continued His teaching, step by step.

And then came the holiday season.

We bought a tree and decorated it with beautiful balls and candles.

And just as we sat down with a cup of coffee, ready to watch a movie, we heard a loud noise.

A ball suddenly fell from the tree and was completely damaged.

I cleaned the floor and again we got ready to watch the movie.

But again, a loud noise interrupted our plans, another ornament fell from the tree.

And one after another fell on the ground.

It was a beautiful tree; it was just impossible for things to fall out. The tree was filled with fresh needles.

The Lord began to talk to us, and to make a long story short, we understood that this tree and all its customs had nothing to do with his birth.

If He wanted us to celebrate His birth over and over again, He would have given us the exact date.

But He does not want us to see HIM as a baby in the manger year after year. He is the lion of Judah, and He will come again as King of kings and Lord of lords. He wants to be birthed in a different kind of manger, in the hearts of people.

But then again, the way some of His children act towards those who celebrate Christmas, and the way how they celebrate it, is not HIS way of teaching us things.

He IS THE love. Let HIM help His children grow up. Pray for others, and even our prayers must be led by HIM. HIS voice must speak and then we will see change and miracles, growth, and fruit! HIS word will never come back empty.

When our friend stood there with her baby in front of the congregation, she really gave her child to the Lord. Her face was glowing, and it was a breathtaking scene. It was the Lord who took her by the hand and gently led her to a higher road. It did not hurt her, on the contrary, her face glowed, even more intensely, the day she made the choice to step into the water herself.

I feel I am allowed to say a prayer now for all of us. Jew and Gentile, male and female no matter if we celebrate Christmas or not.

Abba (Father) Boldly I step before YOUR Throne, and with deep respect, I kneel down before you my King and Lover of my soul.

Thank you for giving me this teaching. I wrote it down word for word my Lord.

The Love in my heart and tangible in this room is overwhelming.

Abba, you ARE the LOVE!

Daddy, this world is a very dark place and without knowing, without realizing it people search for your unconditional love.

So, I pray that YOU will breathe over everyone who is reading Your word.

Open their eyes and open their heart! Touch them, Pappa, in places only You can see. Heal them from hurt disappointment and deep grief.

Touch them, Daddy, in heart soul, and mind.

I know YOU are here, and your eyes are searching to find those who are so wounded and need a doctor. You are not changed Abba you are still the same.

Thank you, Lord, for as I lay down the pencil, your work continues and you can heal deliver and bring light in this lonely and lost world.

I thank you, Lord, for YOUR wisdom YOUR care YOU’RE healing YOUR plan.

In the end, every knee will bow. For YOU, My King!

Thank You for your salvation #Yeshua No longer a baby in a manger but the Lion of Judah ( The Tribe Of Praise and Worship) in whom we can find the honey out of Your word.

May each and every one who will read this word experience a deep change in body soul and mind. May scales be removed from eyes and walls around hearts. In Yeshua’s Name amen.

Klarine saw an image on her spiritual eyes, before she knew what I had to write down. She just shared it with me, while I called her to pray for this word, to reach hearts. She saw a town crier carrying a white plate of stone, with nothing on it. The Lord gave me the explanation: The Law was written on stone, but now it needs to be written on our hearts, while we REST in HIM. HIS love will change everything!

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