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The Importance Of Good Communication

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

For as long as I can remember, communication has always been an underestimated topic.

Whether it was in the office where I worked as an account manager, or for the foundation that I have, and the coaching I do now, the importance of good communication is underestimated.

Saying what you think or mean is not easy for many people!

And on the other hand, hearing what someone is saying is not easy either.

Often people listen to someone with a biased opinion, they have an image of someone, and from their bias, they think they hear what the person is not actually saying!

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When I have a group in the house, (boot camp) I always do the following exercise.

I pass a short sentence on to someone. I whisper this sentence in his or her ear.

This person must now pass the sentence to the person he/she is sitting next to.

When the last person in the group has had their turn, this person should tell me the sentence he/she just heard.

Almost every time, words have been added to or taken away, or the whole sentence has been taken out of context!

Another exercise is to get people to watch an event.

For Example: A video showing that two cars have a collision and what happens afterward.

When you ask people to share what they saw, you will get completely different stories.

One describes the collision as a big blow, while the other says, "They almost didn't hit each other."

It has to do with our view of things and how we experience things.

Is someone a thrill-seeker, or is someone a person of "just act normal, then you are crazy enough."

There is a lot more to say about it, but the point I want to make is that with everything that has just been written, you can probably imagine how difficult it is to communicate well, as well as how difficult it is to listen carefully!

In my own ministry, I work together with a team.

And since this weekend, a new team is on the rise, that will take over certain tasks.

The main thing now is to learn to know each other.

And to really understand each other! And last but certainly not least, to learn to listen well.

Getting the communication right, first of all, requires trust and honesty!

And integrity plus empathy. Within a team, we must be able, to be honest, but also know what to say and when to say something and very important how we say it!

I intend to share this journey with my readers (subscribers ). Of course, I am not talking about the team itself, but about the things, we sure will encounter. Because I have had to chop with this ax many times now, I will be sharing imaginary events that we may encounter when we start to build a team.

And from experience, how we can restore, where confusion has been created and how we can keep this clarity of things.

To be continued.

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