The First Letter To His Children

Sunday, November 17, 2019, 11.42 PM

As I am sitting at His feet, in a heavenly atmosphere, the Father

speaks to me and makes it clear, He wants to send some letters to His Bride to be, and I will be His little pencil, to send it out to all of these!

My children, as the world is getting darker, and judgment will begin,

I want you to know that I AM is calling MY children to enter in!

No time to doubt, no time to waste, it is MY time, and I want to gather what is rightfully Mine!

My light, My words, My healing power, is available to those who hide in Me and honor My Name.

Those who feel as they are the little ones, whom no one would choose, but I Am telling you, all of you will fit the shoes!

My perfect will is in the ones I made ready for this time and age.

Do not resist that My hand does some cleaning. I Am is speaking about little spots.

Some of you need to visit some people where you need to admit, you have been wrong.

Now, come on, do not be frightened, with Me you are so strong!

Prepare for the time has come, that what the world called the weak ones will be strong!

You will show My light, My love, My healing, and My power, to those I Am has chosen for this time.

So in this very first letter, I tell you My children, SHINE!

Shine MY light, MY love My mercy, for My love breaks the most substantial oppressive yoke!

The harvest is ready; they must hear Me see Me know me, and I will clean and heal through you all!

No walls between you, no walls I want to see, it is in MY perfect love that the world will recognize Me!

Make ready My children, for the gross darkness coming over this world, needs MY healing light.

Your Father,

A small Pencil, in Huge Hands, Cathy Meijer