The End Of Playing Church

Many years ago, 2006 or 2007, I had to send out a word, where the Lord made it clear that " playing Church" would come to an end.

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Picture Corrine Took Back In 2006 - 2007

I saw a vision of a church tower, and the tower spire was caught in a fire.

At the end of the vision, the entire tower collapsed.

The Father made it clear that this was going to happen in the future. Someone who was part of the team back then gave me this picture, which she made in the same period when I received the word.

She felt the Lord wanted from her, to take a picture of a church tower, not knowing what the Lord showed me.

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Many buildings have caught fire in the past months. I never felt I had to talk about the vision. But today, the Lord kept reminding me of what He made clear to me when he gave me the vision. And although very busy today, He kept on pushing softly in my thoughts that it was the time for this word.


"The time of playing church is over. " I Am" is calling My children in all the Nations, to take heed to My voice, and MY signs.

I want to move in such a way that it will take people's breath away! That even the hardest heart will shiver because My Spirit convinced them that it is ME! The time of playing church is over!

The vision that I showed to my daughter for such a long time ago has been seen by many people today, as many buildings have caught fire in the past months.

I do not want Re-ligion; I want to have a Re-lation with MY children! I want to see the unity and the love between My children. Those who came to the end of ME whom "I Am" can fill with My Spirit My wisdom My glory. My power will come visible. But I cannot build on unforgiveness or angriness.

Those who gossip about MY CHOSEN ANOINTED VESSELS, and at the same time expect to receive a blessing, must read MY word.


Jealousy among MY chosen ones needs to stop. If I sent a word through one of them, you could take care that it is going to reach many people worldwide! Instead of helping, many of you do the opposite! Trying to prevent that people can see it find it read it!

So many ask Me, " What is my task? " Well, My child, as long as you cannot work under MY chosen leadership, as long as you are filled with jealousy and angriness towards those I have sent, I cannot give you the task that I have in store for you! Humble yourself. Repent and ask Me to help you to change that attitude!

My children do not play, My children, who have been through the cleansing and purification period, some even through the pruning, those, know and understand the importance of the mature Body of Yeshua. I cannot send who still have an attitude as the toddlers in kindergarten.

Listen and prepare to be serious because I say this once again:


Prepare and make ready!"

Your Father.

Matthew 10: 40 He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives the One who sent Me.

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