The Child Is Born

New ministries tasks and congregations have been born.

Many of us have waited for this to come, for a long time.

But what should have been so victorious feels to be a dark hole.

The long awaited spiritual child is here, it is born, but now what?

When we look at the long-awaited birth of a baby, we actually see exactly the same thing. What was prepared in silent expectation and received with so much joy, shakes our emotions and turns out to be so different from what we had thought. Sleepless nights, getting used to each other. The body that needs to be restored after months of carrying the baby and giving birth. It is not just perfect overnight, it is a new process of growth and adaptation.

And then we should not forget what the time in which we live does to us! Wars, hatred and envy, anarchy, rebellion, the uncertainty in many areas of our life, because of the corona-virus and so on.

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But our God is in everything. And He knows exactly what we need.

Even if it still seems so dark, and the new task overwhelms you, He shows again and again WHO is at the helm!

During a car ride (Yochanan at the wheel) I was musing in front of me and believe me my thoughts were not all positive or cheerful. Suddenly there were two storks out of nowhere! I saw them both standing in the grass.

And the Lord said, "Not thoughts of death and destruction, but thoughts of the new life. The new life instead of death!"

This morning during my prayer time, He brought all of this back into my mind. And gave me the link between having a baby and having a new spiritual child. A new task a new ministry or congregation.

The Lord is telling us:

" You may feel overwhelmed, you may let your tears flow," but says the Lord, " Let Me be The One who carries you! Let me be The One preparing you now for what's to come. You don't have to do it alone. On the contrary, I will do it!

Remain in Me as I AM remain in you and together we will bear fruit. Surrender to ME and let yourself be carried in MY rhythm under MY protection and authority!

The secret lies in complete surrender! Don't think about what has been and try not to look into the future! Live in the here and now and keep your eyes on Me! The deeper you stay in ME the sooner you will feel at home in the new task I have given you."

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