“The 3 cups we need to drink.”

So many are tired and write me that they feel as if things will never stop.

Again an old word. ( 2014) Abba allowed me to see things from afar! But I pray and I believe it will encourage as we are almost at the point where another wave of His children will be send as an army of Sons of God! ( Male and Female)

I have been in deep prayer.  

Some years ago Abba revealed to me “The 3 cups we need to drink.

1. Baptism in water  (symbolically we die with him and resurrect into his life).

2. Baptism in his spirit and his fire.

3. Baptism in his death  (the suffering part we drink the cup of dying to self while we walk the walk Yeshua walked!

The 7th color naturally black ripe olives are not shown on the picture.

Desert periods:  (hot during the day and cold during the night ) meaning for us: the fire of Yahweh starts to cleanse us = hot and people will leave us = cold

Gethsemane:  A Hebrew word for crushing olives.  Olives have 7 different stages before they are real ripe the deeper the color (real ripe) the stronger and tasteful the oil is,  meaning for us: periods of pressure so we will loose the flesh and receive the oil of his spirit.

Golgotha:  A Hebrew word for skull is without any flesh. We will live a crucified life!

Baptism in his spirit and his fire.

When Yeshua died he went to hell for us it means for us “3 days” (a period) of testing.

You know you walked the walk, of dying to self and instead of victory you face hardship!  But soon it will change!

 When the disciples found the tomb empty, they saw the Prayer Mantle, the Tallit, was curled up fold up and in Jewish tradition this means:

I am coming back!

Before He returns, we will see the sons of Yahweh come visible (male and female for in His spirit we are one).

This means we will walk with the risen King inside of us.   But before He can send His glory, His best wine, we need to give Him our polluted water (own plans and ambitions).  

We need to drink the cup of His suffering, before we can share in His best wine!


We need to be pruned as soon as we bare fruit!  The more and deeper we get pruned the richer the fruit will become!

He took me to the cross last year.  I stood behind the cross and as I walked to the side I saw Him and He turned His head to me and I saw His eyes so filled with excruciating pain, but also with love!  And I saw his lips moving, while He whispered: “I love you.”

Today I saw this again!  But He took me also into the depth of his experiences while He went through hell;  while He suffered and carried all our pain and sickness and sin.

I cannot describe what I felt and experienced.  It was dark and cold!  But then all of a sudden He told me how to leave this place and as a dolphin that swims from the bottom of the sea to jump out of the water, as quickly as that can happen, I was out of the darkness into his light!

He spoke to me about the suffering part, and how people refuse to drink the cup of His baptism in His death.  While reigning with Him, is only possible when we die with HIM!

Now the good news is:   Adonai knows exactly what He is doing!

I asked him: “Father, how is it possible that You came through all of this so quickly (3 days) and that I saw myself as a dolphin who came from the bottom of the sea to jump out of the water in such a quick tempo?”  
Immediately He answered: “Through surrender”

When crushing grain for bread,one doesn’t thresh it forever; one drives the horse and cart wheels over it but doesn’t crush it to powder.

“This too comes from Adonai-Tzva’ot — His counsel is wonderful, His wisdom great” Isaiah 28:29.

He made me read Isaiah 28.  What a marvelous chapter to read!  So much to learn, and with his help he gave me some powerful revelations!

This is an entire study which I will share another time!  

But for now Isaiah 28:28 shows us, tells us that Father will not go on with crushing us as olives, to a point we cannot stand anymore!  He will do it in such a way that He can bake His bread! Meaning we will be joined in the Messiah!

We will be one with him.  So He can harvest through us and give the world His bread and His wine, and the lion and the lamb (imagine a picture of Yeshua giving meat and milk) can finally be embraced as one!  He is the love and in the beginning of our walk, He will nurture us and gives us milk!  

But to become adult, He needs to roar (admonish and discipline) and share the meat out of His Word!
After all, He will come back for a Bride without blemish spot or wrinkle.

I will pray while sending this word again. Passionately I will pray that those who are now so tired and weary, will finally understand: no matter how painful and deep the situation is, which you are going through right now, will change the very moment you surrender!


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