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Team Building

Updated: Apr 23

I just responded on LinkedIn to the question of a scientist about team building. Our team knows each other since 2006. We went through good times and bad times. We learned to know each other as we indeed are. Through all of the examples of great victory and through the real difficult times

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The Good and The Bad Days

Communication was an issue.

From my days in marketing, I learned a lot. Also, about the pitfalls when a large group has to send the same message to different customers.

So I started to give communication training.

To learn how to listen and to get the message out as it is written originally.

Today we live as friends in our private lives and as co-workers in the foundation.

The passion we all have for our God helped us, to draw a line when we are the family in faith, and when we are co-workers in the foundation He gave me.

I saw many times when I was working in the marketing, how people struggled, with that thin line. But as professionals, you need to separate personal stuff and business, even when you work out of your faith in a faith based organisation.

Being a firm believer in the God of Israel has blessed me more, then I can say.

As the book of acts has been a tremendous blessing as we could learn in and through the Spirit of the God Of Israel how to deal with all the problems and issues in our everyday life. Wisdom can indeed be found in HIS word!

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