Take It Serious!

When you are truly called by THE ONLY ONE WHO gives the positions, HE prepares you! Sometimes by allowing you as Joseph to be thrown in the PIT ( Prophet In Training ) or sending you to one of HIS training and storehouses. What you can do is this: Take it serious.

Being an ambassador of the KING is asking for integrity and responsibility. In the end your beard will be shaved. As we can read in the story of Joseph. Before he met the King. Meaning: Beard in the Bible represents authority. Our own ambitions and plans must be stripped away. Then the Lord can replace it with HIS. Even Yeshua ( Jesus) said: They pulled out my beard. He was truly human and truly God!

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The Servant's Obedience Isaiah 50 …5 The Lord GOD has opened My ears, and I have not been rebellious, nor have I turned back. 6 I offered My back to those who struck Me, and My cheeks to those who tore out My beard. I did not hide My face from scorn and spittle. 7 Because the Lord GOD helps Me, I have not been disgraced; therefore I have set My face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame.…