Someone Asked What Is Success?

This was to businessman and coaches, most of them non-believers.  The subject was about having success in your work and /or business. (I also used it on LinkedIn where some people had a same kind of discussion.)

I speak out of my faith. It begins with dying to self, to learn to lean upon my L-rd. It started with years of sitting listening and learning. And also, going through extreme situations, so I would know the way before I would show it to others.

In 2006 I wrote this:
" G-d knows the way Yeshua goes the way and the Ruach shows the way."

As His pupil I went through that same assault-course. I coach through the light of Torah which means a slight difference with coaches and leaders, who are not believers. Where leaders in the world stand, we kneel, meaning humbleness is a must. Where some leaders and coaches rule in some situations we are taught to serve always.

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Showing others what you have learned, means also telling them what you did wrong, where you failed, and how you learned, that failure, is in fact, the steppingstone to success.

Success is not about money, name or fame. For me success is that you can truly BE who you are, and share in transparency what it means to be human. Accepting yourself in your strong points and your weakness. And that you always can learn from others too, because no one is here without a purpose, a task. Read the ***

Leadership: Shining your light in such a way, that it does not blind others to see their own value! - Mamme D'Vorah Coaching

*** May we all hear at the end of the journey: "Well done faithful servant!"

If you need prayer, or you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. But first to the THRONE and then to the phone! And ask Abba where He wants you to talk further and with whom you may speak about this okay?

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