Several words & directions,

I share with all of you some messages Abba gave me in this past week.

He will direct you to the word which He wants you to receive.

Blessed weekend and Gut Shabbes!

When a road turns out to be a dead-end, you can walk back and see it as a waste of time, or remove the dust from your feet, take a deep breath, keep your head up and find a new road.

To take your steps purposefully, it is sometimes necessary to remove vague plans. Now it still looks like a jumble, of vague initiatives that have led to nothing. But if you dare to get the broom through it, it will all become clear. Now is not the time to give up. The road first gets darker and narrower, before you suddenly see the light through the narrow opening, which leads to your destiny.

It is time to stand for HIS TRUTH even if it means you need to walk alone.

But if you are truly HIS, you can also say, I will never walk alone, for HE is with me! Shmuel Bais 22

Orthodox Jewish Bible

22 And Dovid spoke unto Hashem the devarim of this shirah (song) in the day that Hashem had delivered him out of the palm of all his oyevim (enemies) and out of the palm of Sha’ul.

It is a strange phenomenon. Those who comforted you during your time in the wilderness, are silent when your breakthrough comes.
Don't let anyone stop you, from standing in the place G-d has given you!

Don't let anything hold you back. Not by their silence, or manipulative behavior. Lean on HIM and put all other matters in HIS capable hands.

Not everyone is what they seemed to be. Those who truly loved you, who are true friends, will celebrate the victory with you when the top of the mountain is reached.

Marry THE KING and you will be set free and see the TRUTH!

When the smoke around your head is gone,

And the truth has made you stand,

And you step out of your past, no longer afraid of being alone,

You are awakened!

When the smoke around your head is gone,

And The Truth has set you free,

And you step out of the shadows of your past, no longer afraid of "being ME,"

You are awakened!

Time to blossom,

And even the loud silence of the manipulator,

Can not carry you back to the drought

No one any longer is able to shut your mouth.

Poem: - D'Vorah Meijer