Prophetic Word for?!

While I am looking, if I can respond to something, (messages from people on LinkedIn) Abba suddenly shows me an image on my Spiritual eyes

It is the image of a person ( not necessarily a man can also be a woman) lying quietly in bed.

You are richly blessed by our G-d! Gifts and talents He has given you. But your mind has not gone with what HE has done in you and what others do not see yet!

You continue to see yourself as that somewhat quiet withdrawn person, scorned by others.

Who was the one at home, who never did it right. The others were better at.... doing things right that you didn't know how to do according to THEM!

Abba whispers " Now YOU pray a prayer about a mindset change "

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So in obedience to HIS command, I pray that what Abba has put inside of you, and do not make a mistake it is a lot and it is complete beauty, will bloom and be recognized by others, as you step out of that bed, and do what he is calling you to do! In confidence in HIM As weak as you are, leaning on The Beloved, so HE can do it for you while you rest in Him! A complete turnaround of your ways of thinking about yourself. I remove in HIS powerful name ( #Yeshua #Salvation ) all the loud voices inside of your heart! I command them to be quiet! And while you receive this in trust and faith, all of a sudden you hear HIS voice, ssssst... Be still and hear HIM say: "It is well with your soul, YOU are mine! Now go out for the I AM sends you! I am with you and I will guide you." Amen?!!!