Prophetic Warning Word

Prophetic Word, original send in early June 2016.

I've sent out a warning from the Lord to all of us, back then.

Today new alerts are added to it. September 24 2019

First, I had to warn that bus stops would be the place where "stabbing people accidents" would increase.

Two weeks after the warning, it happened in Israel.

Then He told me car accidents, where people would hit someone on purpose and then drive away or leave the car behind would increase!

Again I feel the need to send a warning! Papa said back then, "Ask ME before you want to go to an event! Also, obey Me."

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"Listen To Me And Obey Me," Says the Lord.

Yesterday evening while watching a movie, I saw in the Spirit twice at the same spot, ( place and mall in the film) how guys dressed in black, were shooting around, in the mall. The town in the movie was somewhere in England. Nevertheless, I believe what I saw was not bound to that place in the film.

Things will get worse.

This time Abba says:

"It is time to surrender completely. To listen to My voice and obey me without hesitation! Don't doubt for one moment, when I warn you out of the blue, to not take that route, which you have chosen, to drive to your work, since the past 30 years. Trust ME. Obey ME.

Be careful in synagogues and churches, home-meetings, and other gatherings, with people you never saw and who visit you out of the blue.

When I ask you to keep certain information to yourself or to share it only with the person (s) I bring to mind, you must obey Me. I am talking about the next meeting or other additional sensitive information; you need to obey Me! It is the time where brother fights against brother, and where betrayal will be an everyday thing".

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