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Hello everyone!

Change is in the air! Can you feel it? Now, wait on the Lord! Watch HIM move while we show Him our faith, and let Him hear our praise! The situation is about to change! I hear: " LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

There is a certain silence. A kind of "what more can we do?" Trust Thank Trust Praise. Then the Lord lead me to these words: I show, make clear, reveal.

So now it is Trust Thank Trust Praise and LISTEN! Abba will give the keys to unlock the (double) door(s). Listen and Obey!

This message I send today contains some messages I send out on Twitter and LinkedIn. I pray that the one that is for you, ( or even more than one) will speak to your heart!

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The unity is coming in and through My Ruach says the Lord. In diversity. Everyone content with him/herself. You all will finally BE as I have created you. The world will start to recognize the ONE WHO sends you, because of MY love in all of you and how you love each other!

Watch carefully and prayerfully! The Lord will show you the way you need to walk right now, to see a door or even doors being opened. He will give you prophetic keys. Do not lean upon own understanding. My ways are so much higher says the Lord!

All the distractions in your situation are the steppingstones to your breakthrough! The cement to build the victory in the new season: How do you respond when things are looking bad?

For those who never repented:

The Hebrew term Teshuvah (literally "return") is used to refer to "repentance". This implies that transgression and sin are the natural and inevitable consequence of man's straying from God and His laws and that it is man's destiny and duty to be with God. Teshuvah is stepping towards God turning your face to HIM and turning your back to the world. Leaving the world and worldly ways of thinking.

Remorse versus Repentance

Remorse without repentance leads to nothing. Repenting out of a must as a religious deed a thought without the fire and leading of the Ruach Hakodesh ( who can lead you into a remorseful attitude) leads either to nothing.

REMORSEFUL REPENTANCE which is only possible in and through HIS Ruach HaKodesh. ( Holy breath or Holy Spirit) It goes very deep and the Lord takes care, you die to the flesh so the Lord can be the KING of your life.

Pray For The Peace For Yerushalayim

Abba we pray for the peace of Yerushalayim for peace in our hearts, mind, and thoughts. Surround us with your healing power!

Hosianna! Hosianna!

The hidden pain memories rejection fear loss YOU know it's here! We bow our head & repent own pride knowledge Humble ourselves for YOU!

Miracles and Healing

You, who are waiting for a miracle, who thinks, HE has forgotten me! Abba's ways are so much higher! Something new is in the air, this #PIT will lead to the #PALACE as long as we KNOW WHOM we must #honor and give all the #praise!

Abba knows everything.

Even the hidden corners of our heart soul mind and thoughts.

Allow Him to heal the pain, the rejection that has caused so many tears.

One touch of Him will set you free. He whispers: TRUST ME.

Surrender it all beloved. Abba is waiting.

I saw a vision.

A peeking head just around an open door, with an almost guilty appearance. Then a voice that says Come in and I see outstretched arms. Do not be afraid! He knows what you have done and where you are coming from. The pain & abuse.

The Father wants to heal you!

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