Word for someone: Promotion is coming. But I need to send out this message, which is very important for you and the things G-d is /will call(ing) you to do:

I received this word in 2005 or 2006 somewhere around that time:

G-d KNOWS the way, Yeshua GOES the way and the Holy Spirit SHOWS the way. So a Kingdom leader will do the same as he /she is filled with the Holy Spirit.

Lynn, who was part of my NiedGalah Media Army Team, back then, saw a duck with her ducklings crossing the road, and she told me later that the Lord spoke to her and told her, that this duck who showed his ducklings the way, by walking in front of them and protected them with her own life, was a picture of how HE had teached and prepared me to do the things, He has called me to do.

So I wrote the sentence as you can read now.

I wrote it on Twitter many times. But somehow someone changed the word G-d Yeshua and Holy Spirit into Leader.

Read more underneath the picture.

Then about being a leader:

Be humble. Because #leadership is about serving, directing, showing others how you can do something, in such a way that it is transparent, honest and real. Because we are all people.

It is not about having power, but everyone has a task and we respect each other!

The #leader needs his followers or employees, without them he / she has nothing.
And the followers and employees need someone who has knowledge and who shows them how to do stuff because their knowledge comes out of experience. They walked the route instead of talking about it. And never forget: Leadership in the world or Leadership called by G-d. There is a mayor difference: In the #KINGDOM we kneel and serve in the world many rule without #praying.

If you need prayer or advice, you can reach me by using the contact form at: I prayerfully will answer. As the wisdom comes from the Lover of my soul!

One thing: First to the Throne then to the phone! Meaning: Pray and ask and if Abba wants you to reach out to me, He will show it to you!

Shalom and Blessings! And I pray a blessing over your new task! Cathy Meijer ~~ Mamme D'Vorah