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Producing Sweet Fruit Out Of Bitter Moments

Life has hit me hard many times.

If we compare life to a cookie jar, I can honestly say that I've tasted almost all cookies! But not a single blow brought me down! On the contrary, the harder the crash, the more force was released to get up again!

And when I look back, I realize more and more that all those blows contributed to who I am now and where I stand!

Never give up!

But see the dark moments as challenges to move on. Change the challenging experiences you have from negative to positive!

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Credit: CPM Photography " Capture By The Light"
From an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

Imaginary Jar

I have an "imaginary jar."***

I call it the source of life experience. And it has become a jar of wisdom!

An inexhaustible treasure! I can help others out of my own experience.

I know the path of grief, pain, loss, illness, and so on.

I can show others how to overcome hardship and how and where to find the strength to be determined to make something of life.

And instead of walking in self-pity, how to love yourself.

Instead of giving up, I developed a special kind of energy to produce sweet fruit from bitter moments.

*** An alabaster jar filled with my tears as an offering to my King who gave His life and shed His blood, so have I poured out my heart.

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