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Present yourself with dignity and treat others in the same way. Selah.

The Lord has called me. From birth, there was a clear plan that started with my mother. If you want to know more about that, click on this link.


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Back to my task on this earth. The Lord had the plan, and He opened the doors. Due to circumstances, I never had the opportunity to go to university, but I received two honorary degrees, Doctor of Divinity and Theology. For years, some of us need to study to receive these kinds of degrees, and I have learned it on the field in the almost 30 years that I serve people.

I receive the wisdom from having completed the training of Ruach Hakodesh - Holy Breath or Spirit- University. He gave me the task and the order not to be allowed to earn from it. I can ask for a donation for my non-profit foundation. But if people don't, I still have to serve them with my heart and soul!

Okay, after this short introduction, I want to share something today.

I see coaches and mentor's asking a fortune for their work. And I see people acting almost like slaves because the coach has become their king. That is not good. I think we can agree on that.

But now the other side of the story. When people knock on my door, they can be sure that I am consulting with the Lord, in whom I believe wholeheartedly. And He makes sure that I receive Rhema. The written word in the Bible is LOGOS, and when the Lord lights it up in your spirit or speaks to you about it, it has become Rhema. Doors open, situations change, etc.

But there is something wrong with how I am approached.

I have a business Whatsapp account so that when people approach me, they always receive an automatic answer immediately, and they know I have received their question. But what strikes me is that they pretend I'm he/she/it. Do you understand what I'm saying with this?

Let me give an example: The phone rings, and I know they will get an answer, so I can continue with my activities which I am doing at that time. Later on, when I open my Whatsapp, I read this "HI" Nothing more, nothing less. I ask if he/she always does this like this. No name, no introduction. The response I get after my question is, "Any Job?"

To which I respond in an audio message. Hey, is this how you interact with people? Get straight to the point without introducing yourself? Warm regards, I do not respond to this kind of behavior!

A little later, I get a message with the name and a summary.

A CV in PDF format. And I tell him that I can't give him a job, but I can help him in the process of getting one. I can help him with how he should introduce himself.

And I tell him how he lacks the most important lesson in life despite all degrees and universities. To value the other higher than yourself and to treat the other person with respect.

Philippians 2:3

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

And if I can help him with anything at all, then it is for sure, in this area.

I wonder, am I being treated like this because I am "only" a woman, or is it because I myself did not go to university, or because I do not want to be paid but ask for a donation for my foundation?

Listen, when God calls someone and assigns them a task, you can rest assured that He has prepared this person.

I sometimes say, if we compare life to a box of sweets, then I have had to eat almost all sweets. And at least, I had to lick at the taste of a sweet for a brief moment. Do you catch my drift?

I have been through so much in my life that I can often help and advice from practice. And because the Lord is present in everything I say and do, the anointing will do the rest. Above thought and above prayers!

In the Brit Chadashah - the (re) New (ed) Covenant, the Lord says, "Receive the one I send as if you receive Me, and the one who receives Me receives HIM who sent Me.

Matthew 10:40

He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

I work with believers and non-believers, so whether you believe in Him, whom I honor and love with my life, or you do not believe in Him, you can at least treat each other with respect.

And believe me, It may be "already" 2021, but good manners are still appreciated, for certain if you want to find a job, be successful, you need to present yourself with dignity and treat others in the same way. Selah.

Cathy Meijer D'Vorah Coaching

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