Prepare For The Marching Orders

I was offline, but before I am going to pray further, I need to share this, in the Spirit, I feel a wall of defense has been removed.

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Many will see change coming! The wind of change is here!

Many will be called out of the hiding place! Reconciliation between His children.

I stood on mount Tabor ( Israel) to sound the shofar some years ago.

Those with a warrior task - spirit if you have a shofar, blow it now Walls will tumble down! Abba is putting people together! Ministries will work together; some will be sent to serve in ministries that already exist!

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Many have been through the refining fire. Make ready as Abba will shoot you as a polished arrow. You thought He has forgotten you, but all of a sudden BOOM there you go!

Warriors, it is the "season of the suddenly"! Prepare yourself in health in positive attitude change is coming.

If you feel that there is something in your mind that goes against the will of the Father, be sure to confess it and release it!

If you feel resisting towards a brother or sister, ask the Father to show you the source of this because, in the next move of the Lord, unity is a must!

The turning point is here! Those who cant forgive I need to warn you!

An army cannot be built on anger and unforgiveness. I declare in Yeshua's authority that in the area of emotions, a whirlwind will cleanse those who need to renew their minds, and they will be baptist in the love of the Lord!

While I am writing, I see an image on my spiritual eye, which I saw many years ago!

I see people walking, an army, and if you look at them from on high, it is in the shape of a cross!

I heard in the Spirit, some people say: "Hello, I am not ready yet, I am still in the refining fire, does that mean I will not join His army?"

Thus saith the Lord:

" The great I Am will not forget about His children. What I want from you is the right attitude. Listen and obey! Do not resist the cleansing and purification. It feels you are one of the last, but in fact, many who seem to walk with Me for such a long time has lost their fire and their love for Me. They are lukewarm! So many who seem to be the last will be the first, and many who think they are untouchable will see Me move in unexpected ways!

Read My word, child, and know what I once said concerning those who are lukewarm!

Attitude and obedience are the ingredients for the time that is coming. I Am going to move in unexpected ways, and those who are like David, who danced before Me, not worrying about people and their thoughts, who worshiped me with a pure and clean heart, those are the ones I will promote, into a new level a new task, for I can trust them!

So don't worry, for I Am has not forgotten you! This fire where you are going through prepares you for what I have in store!

Lines of new soldiers new warriors will come and step in, the army.

As a natural move, it will grow stronger and bigger! No need to worry, you all have a task, a position, anointing. Obey Me follow Me, and things will go smoothly! "

Your Father

* Army means that we all stand in the position the Lord gives. And we are as an army. (ONE Body) working together in unity. Sons of God. The image I once saw in the shape of a cross, means that we are all death to self, we live a crucified life, and are filled with Ruach Ha'Kodesh! His breath, His Spirit!

Adonai Tzva’ot, the “Lord of Hosts” is one of the names of God. ***The first time it appears is in the story of Hannah and her husband Elkanah, in Hannah’s struggle with barrenness. Hannah is the first person to call God by this name. *** The literal meaning in Hebrew is “Lord of armies”:  Tza-va (צבא) is the word for army.


Sons Of God or G-d

Kehillah in Galatia 3:26 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

26 For through emunah in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua, you are all yeladim of Elohim.

Revelation 3:16

16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

MY glorious Victory, prince Divine, Clasp these surrendered hands in Thine, At length my will is all Thine own, Glad vassal of a Savior’s throne!

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