I know the ways of the Lord are so much higher then ours. But I must tell you, as far as I know, I have never re-shared a prayer; Abba prompted me to do so. As He led me to this prayer.

I have so many prophetic words, articles, teachings, since 2004 - 2005. But this prayer He pointed out to me and gave to me in 2013. It has been on the His Kingdom Prophecy Website. And without editing and missing some sentences. The explanation of the word contraband. I know it was for this purpose! This prayer is an anointed prayer but it had to remain "hidden" so we can see now it is a prophetic prayer.

May 13th Of 2013 Received during prayer:

I had to call everyone who has a call for this day, out of the four corners of the world! Each in his, in her position!

No jealousy, no anger, no power struggle, only the name of Yeshua, on your lips!

I also saw an image on my spiritual eyes of a blood transfusion….
Meaning that His blood, His DNA, His heart, His power, His strength, His thoughts overflow us right now in Yeshua’s name!

We prayed for Israel, America, Europe, and all other nations, and Abba made it clear that his plan with Jerusalem is higher than our thoughts. It must become a stumbling block so that people will cry out to Him!

He will show his power, and every knee will bow in the end!

But we need to trust as children, and we must become that holy set apart people!

For now, the sons of God must come visible. I received in my heavenly tongues the word contraband. Meaning: goods that have been imported or exported illegally.

Which in God's Kingdom means: Supernatural!

Read more underneath the picture.

Although products of Israel are being boycotted many times, Abba will take care, if we put our trust in Him, that products will be received in the right places at the right time!

Respect must come back first in his bride before we can teach this in the world!

Respect for his 5-fold ministers! Order in the house, order in his house!

A functional army is an army where each and everyone knows his or her position!


I pray that everyone who reads this word will receive a blood transfusion in Yeshua’s name!

I pray that mind and thoughts will be lined up with Your mind and thoughts!

I pray divine connections and divine meetings, divine groups, divine not out of the flesh! Unity in his Spirit and through the Spirit of Adonai!

I pray that Your light will shine on all that is hidden in the governments but also in the bride!

I pray that transgressions will be exposed, so people can acknowledge them and ask for forgiveness!

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I pray and call out all Deborah’s plumb lines in the hands of the Almighty, will come forth!

I pray they will get the money back out of Egypt, and I pray that they will bring your justice!

I pray that the media, radio and television, and the internet, will be cleansed, so Your chosen vessels can take their position in that area also!

I pray that Your message, Your voice can be heard through satellites and all other media that will come back in Your hands!

I pray that those who have huge ministries but share a message that tickles the flesh will be removed and that Your chosen vessels can get the positions that You have in store for them!

I pray the restoration of marriages, of family`s, and also the relationships between fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, will be restored!

I pray that old doors will close right now, as I speak Your word!

I pray for unity among those You will unite in Your army for this appointed time!

I pray open doors for the new vessels who have been trained and equipped in such a profound way!

I pray provision for all of Your ministers!

I pray health for body, for soul, for spirit!

I pray new opportunities for Your chosen vessels.

I have sounded the shofar the one with the word teshuva on it in Hebrew!

I pray that the army will gather as they hear its sound!

I pray deeper anointing I pray Issachar anointing, and that those who carry this anointing will meet each other by the move of Your hand!

I pray for all who will travel this coming month, doors will open, signs and wonders will follow them, opportunities above expectations!

I pray Your blood will cover them all, I pray that Your powerful right hand will carry them, and Your eyes will be upon them, I pray that unity will come between male and female and that we finally understand that we are one in Your spirit!

I pray houses for those who are without one, I pray open wombs, spiritually and for real!

Couples who are childless will conceive, and they will carry chosen vessels!

I pray protection over you, I pray protection over the army of Israel, I pray wisdom for the leaders I pray unity between the leaders!

I pray new strength over those who are on the brink of giving up, instead of giving up, you will receive new strength and new courage!

I pray that storehouses will be bought by Your hand, I pray provision, for the storehouses!

I pray this in the name of Yeshua!

Amen, amen, amen. Thank You, Abba, thank You G-d of Israel!

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