Paving the path to a brighter future

Everyone a blessed new year!

I'm excited to share the changes that are about to come for me personally.

It all started with a revelation the Lord gave me:

When we read the story of Esther and how she became a Queen and saved her people, we do not see HIS Name at all!

As Spirit-filled believers, we know our Lord and Savior is in the entire story, but we do not read about it or see His name.

D`Vorah sat at her tree as we have the Tree Of Life ( Yeshua or Jesus) where we depend on.

Tomorrow will be my 60th birthday and from childhood on the Lord gave me a prophetic word, which I have kept in my heart all of those years, without sharing it with others.

Although all the things I experienced in my life, I kept the faith in my Lord who is my ALL in ALL and I firmly believed that the word He gave me personally, - which has been confirmed in different ways, by /through different people by the way,- would come true someday!

I see things happening in front of my very eyes and I know it is HIS time to make it come true in all different aspects.

So I will start with new things in this fresh new year.

I will concentrate on training mentorship and advising but now from this moment on, also for people in the world so to speak. Meaning that also people who do not believe will feel and experience they can count on me.

Joseph became Ambassador of Egypt. Esther became Queen of the Persians.

In 478 B.C., Esther became the queen of Persia. Previously, she was a member of the harem of the Persian king Ahasuerus, who was also known as King Xerxes. But when the former queen, Vashti, fell into disfavor with her husband, Ahasuerus, the king chose Esther to be his wife and queen.

The prophetic aspect will concentrate more on someone's personal situation and more teachings will come to help and build confidence and self-esteem.

People without a job, who need some new confidence, and a helping hand, to renew some discipline into their life, people who just start a business, people who just want to have someone in the background to confirm their steps or advise them a little, that kind of people and situations I am thinking about, those are the ones, who I believe will enjoy the newsletter.

My faith stands strong and is and will be forever in the G-d Of Avraham Yitzchak and Yaacov.

If you have questions about issues concerning our Lord, you may always contact me!

If you need prayer you can always reach me. If I can serve in any way in that matter, I`m still available!

But I need to step into the new and follow my Lord in this new task.

I'm excited and I also realize, that now, more than ever, I need HIM and will obey HIM! And above everything else, I can TRUST Him!

For those who will leave me now as a subscriber, or website visitor, I thank you for your prayer-requests, and for the questions some of you send me. If you need help then use this email address: within the subject line Prayer-Requests or Faith Issue. And I will reply if necessary and if Abba gives a word I sure will send it.

For those who say, well, I'm still in the right place then, you can use the contact form or:

Also, if you start with a ministry you sure can benefit from the things the Lord puts in my heart to share on this new website. Feel free to visit read listen and watch!

Thank you all, for the past 23 years, As faithful subscribers and readers of my prophetic newsletter and as visitors at the website. Please, pray for me! Thank you!

God bless you all!

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