Our enemies are in fact the steppingstones to our place of blessing.

The story of Joseph is a marvelous example.

The story of God's goodness and a deeper plan. To glorify HIS Name

Yeshua Joseph Israel, they all have a great task, all are being persecuted and rejected.

Yeshua while being crucified cried out to the Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing. He will come back as the KING of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Joseph forgave his brothers and helped them in the end. Genesis 50:15-21 He went from prison slave to ambassador in the blink of an eye.

Israel is still in that learning process, while they have a partial hardening so the Gentile believer can enter in, Romans 11:25 They are persecuted & rejected but in the end, the outpouring of Ruach Hakodesh will come and all Nations will come to Yerushalayim. Zechariah 8:22

Our so-called enemies help us to grow in faith, die to self, and help us to wait while trusting as our faith is being stretched to the limit. The enemies are in fact the steppingstones to our place of blessing.

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