• Dr. Cathy Meijer

No Words But Deeds

Elections have been held in the Netherlands.

So, the preceding weeks saw politicians on every talk show you can think of.

One of them, who is constantly under fire, was severely ridiculed by a cabaret artist in one of the programs in an unprecedented action.

Not even the program makers knew about it. He did not want to show them his speech.

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Nice sounds differently, of course, but he could have made a positive impact now as a leader of the country. By keeping his head up, not letting himself be known, but showing what he is worth!

Unfortunately, he walked out of the studio without a word, and he also did not show up at the later programs that had already invited him to spout his political ideas.

Sometimes, only canceling at the last minute.

His whole image as a leader is now in tatters!

You can imagine yourself to be a leader, you can use acceptable words and have grand plans, but it is precisely at times of hardship that you can prove you're capability!

The cabaret performer went too far, but the politician did more damage to his image with his performance than the speaker did with his entertainment.

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