My Spinach is the word of God!

🗝My Spinach is the word of God! 🗝 It makes me healthy inside and brought rest for my soul! Good afternoon everyone, I see how many people celebrate Valentine. And I see videos and stories which really worry me. And some of it, breaks my heart.

Here in short is mine: Start with God! No dating in the bible. My husband and I were brought together by Him! And one other thing, if love means that we need to work out, and use hormones and that kind of stuff to look like "Popeye The Sailor Man", I think there is a lot to learn about real love then.

We are so far away from the lessons our Lord teaches us! But I can testify, it is safe when you both believe and have HIM on the first place! We went through a lot. Several times I almost died! My hubby almost died. And we learned to pray together and seek God in everything we do. We are still alive but death to self! We know each other 30 years and are married 28 years! Love is so much more then young beautiful bodies!

Love grows through all the deep things we all are going through! We are in our 60`s now. Not as skinny as we used to be. But the love for each other and our love for our heavenly Father is strong. ❗People who pray together stay together! ❗

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My Spinach Is The Word Of God!

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