***Abba is Father

On linked-in is so much talk about leadership.

Today in our Shabbat meeting G-d spoke about HIS love for all of us!

At one point I was in a vision, I walked in the Garden of Eden, and I saw Yeshua.

1. I saw someone on a swing, being joyful, while He pushed the swing.

2. I saw Yeshua sitting on the ground, and the person sitting next to Him was listening.

3. I saw another person who was dancing with Him

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Field Bouquet


Each of us is at a different point in life.

1. The Little Lamb, on the swing represents the beginning of the journey, the faith is not stable at this point, there are mood-swings such as believe and unbelieve, faith and doubt. But Abba is really tender and helps.

2.The other one is a student, the one growing up, and in need of meat There Yeshua is the Lion of Judah who feeds others with the honey, the meat out of the word.

3. And the one dancing, means total surrender and being ONE with Him. The person has found the heart of the Father. Has found the KING. Glory Power.

But the message is: Each of them received what was needed. Each of us is loved by HIM! Trust HIM. He knows what we need! He knows what our call and/or task is. He knows the perfect time. We are UNIQUE but together we are a field bouquet!

Have a blessed weekend. And know you are loved!