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Introducing The Lover of My Life!

I know that I have to share warning words, prophetic messages to call the people back to our Lord! Or I give advice, interpret dreams, intercede, coach and lead the bootcamps.

But today He woke me up, while the tree behind our window was loaded with little birds.

Breathtaking how they seemly be in chaos, but without hurting each other, flew back and forward, to finally be positioned as a heavenly choir.

I just was lying there, eyes fixed on those little creatures, while listening to their beautiful songs.

After breakfast I turned on my computer and opened my LinkedIn account.

Again I found myself in world of color, art, music, and beauty.

And I suddenly knew that the Lover of my soul, wanted to introduce Himself in another way.

Who created the beauty? The colors, the music art, dance, poems, stories?

I felt overwhelmed with the feelings He stirred up inside of me.

I heard that still small voice inside of my heart:

Introduce me Cathy, show ME, paint me, play me, write me, and share MY plan, but in a different way, today.

Although still I Am The Road, The Truth, The Life!

Many paint Me in black, but today I want you to paint me with the words I will give you! The ink you use is My blood which I have shed for all of them who are willing to receive!

The notes you use, My voice, with the tenderness out of the Song of Solomon.

The end-tune filled with MY passionate love. As a lover waiting for His bride!

I Am in everything. I Am the air the light the darkness the fire and the cold. I create woe and I create blessings. I Am. In everything give thanks to Me.

As a lover waiting for His bride!

Painting Joe Ganech called Kurt

This is one of those paintings, where you stare at, and a story starts to unfold...

I love poems, I love stories, and I write them myself. A painting like this evokes the stories and poems from my head, and it arouses the passion to write about the beauty that overcomes chaos. To paint the truth with words which are dipped in love, and will blind the lies.

Because in the end (HIS) Beauty (HIS) Truth and (HIS) Light will conquer everything. That is who MY God is! Pure Beauty!

Creating beauty out of chaos with fabrics

Look at this! We see so much hatred and wars and hearing rumors of wars, but this is also what a human being can do! Creating beauty out of chaos! This morning my connections, added beautiful paintings, music, artwork. A fresh wind, a bundle of light, in a dark world.


This one is breathtaking. So many emotions you can hear and even melancholy, for a time that is lost and does not return. #WWII

Abba said, I Am in everything. He created us all! So, even if someone does not recognize Him ( yet) the art created, can honor HIM! But I want to end this unusual message ( at least for me) with all honor given to my Bridegroom. I pray over this message, that His Ruach Ha'kodesh can do, what we cannot, show HIM in ALL He is. We end with a DANCE!

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