Many ask for prayer. And I pray for all of you!

But today I want to share something with you.

We live in a world where it is all about fame name popularity, money, getting things, success, getting a breakthrough.

But you know what? To find HIM our Lord and King is asking from us to allow Him indeed, to bring us to the end of self.

Many, many years ago, He told me:


***I see now that people added this word to a famous American ministry, and evangelist, but I indeed received this word from Abba myself!

Flesh cannot stand in His Spirit. I had many encounters with our Lord in the past 24 years, but I had a profound and unique moment one night ago.

You know, He healed me from so many things! I have been spending time with Him for many many years. Sitting at home listening, reading, writing.

He was there for me and with me, the night's in hospital, the lonely situations I have been through, for many years.

But I can testify now, after all those years, the total surrender has come, not by might nor by power, but through HIS Spirit.

And you know, when I look back, it was sometimes a rough path to take, because, we do not want to give up our lives, while it is the best thing to do!

Today I want to encourage you, to ask Him, to do the same for you! Yes, it can happen that people will leave you. Falsely accuse you, mock you, spit you out.

But they did this with our King too. He is the ONE who teaches us how to give up our lives and how to surrender everything.

I have come home. Something new is happening to me. Describing in words is hard.

And somethings I even do not want to share. It's too precious.

But I do want to encourage you!

I always have been praying with people. For many years they came to our home, I talked to them on Skype, Whats App and so on.

But He is waiting for YOU, to lean upon HIM only. Yes, He sends ministers, as He sent me in 1995.

But we are living in a time, where you can almost hear HIS footsteps.

He wants to have a living relationship with each of us! And He will make the unity in and through His Spirit. Truly divine connections. Build in and through HIM! Where the Holy Spirit can lead us.

This is the time of leaving your human way of thinking behind you. Step through that door beloved; He is waiting! Waiting with outstretched arms.

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Today I only want to say: " THANK YOU ABBA" We often wait for things and I read so many messages about success and victory and breakthrough. But just one night ago, while I sat at YOUR feet, I was caught up in Spirit. I can't remember how long it was, I just know that I sang for YOU and you answered. This is what it means to come home. You're all I Need. Your heartbeat, Your voice, is more than sufficient. #THANKFUL #HUMBLED #FATHER #ABBA

I pray a blessing over you, who read this message. I pray you will find HOME.